Bragging Rights

I always swore I’d never be one of those women telling every detail of her sex life to the world, but here I am doing it anyway. When I married M, I expected our sex life to settle into a routine after a few months. Then I ended up pregnant right away (a story for a different day), and we all know that wreaks havoc with our hormones. I was always in the mood, even when I was so nauseous all day that I couldn’t get out of bed. Then PJ was born, and I lost almost all interest. I’d beg out of it often at first until a ridiculously long amount of time had passed since the last time and I would finally give in out of pity. I figured this was the fizzling of our sex life I had expected would happen. I was hoping it would hold off another few years, but having a kid changes everything.

Then all of a sudden the last few weeks, I’ve been interested again. And tonight we proved that nothing has fizzled; all the sparks are still there. And trust me, sex after kids can be even better than it was before!


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