So I Had a Bad Day

I didn’t even get a shower today.

That’s a big deal to me. I shower every day, without fail. I feel gross and nasty if I don’t get one. My hair gets all greasy and won’t cooperate, and I feel unfit to face the world.

I was going to get up earlier than normal today because the cable guy was coming during my usual shower time. Then when my alarm went off, my body refused to get up. My mind was awake enough, but I was instantly hit with a killer headache and waves of nausea as soon as I woke up. That was enough to encourage me to just roll over and go back to sleep.

That threw off my whole schedule. If the cable guy had come earlier, before PJ woke up from his nap, maybe I could have showered quickly then. But no, it took him nearly an hour to find the place after calling for directions. He was no more than five minutes away when he called. Then PJ woke up as soon as the cable guy finally got here. Stupid doorbell. I suppose I could have showered when I found a few free minutes at about 10 tonight, but I hate showering at night.

So now I stink. And that after spending the day feeling icky, and more than just not showering, and still having to take care of PJ all day. How come moms don’t get a sick day? The benefits to this job really suck sometimes. About as much as the paycheck actually.

Anyway, whine time is over now.

Anybody catch what isn’t being said? I’m still feeling under the weather. I refuse to believe that‘s a possibility. Yet I can’t stop myself from wondering…


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