I promised myself I wouldn’t mention this again. I hate coming across as a whiny complainer. But I just can’t help myself.

The leg thing is getting worse, not better. And nobody’s suggestions are working. My MIL said today that if nothing had worked yet that I’d better get myself to a doctor. Monday if I still hurt, I’m finding a doctor and making an appointment.

That makes me feel whinier than anything. It’s not like I have the cold from hell or pneumonia or something like that. I just can’t stand a little bit of achiness in my legs. I can still function, even if I’m not the mommy to PJ that I’d like to be right now. I’m just not my best.

Of course, I have a habit of being too reluctant to see a doctor when I need to, and I’ve suffered pretty severe consequences because of it. If I’d seen a dentist sooner, I wouldn’t have broken a bridge and had to pay to replace it. If I’d seen a dentist sooner a different time, I wouldn’t have ended up writhing on the floor unable to eat for four days (LONG story there). If I’d called the doctor sooner when I started having contraction-like pains, PJ probably wouldn’t have been born early. I don’t know what the worst-case scenario is now, but I think maybe I’ll try to avoid it this time, regardless of how apprehensive I feel about finding and seeing a doctor.


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