Ever Hear of Proofreading?

Now how about some of my favorite typos, etc. from students? I always meant to write down my favorites and never did. In the process I’ve lost some of the best, but these are the ones that stuck with me for one reason for another.

One year I assigned a project about Romeo and Juliet. One student wrote a detailed summary of the play. He repeatedly mentioned the “Fryer,” his amusing misspelling of the Friar in the play. My absolute favorite line in the summary, the only one worth reading, was when he said the “Fryer was cooking up a plan.” I don’t think he was even smart enough to catch the unintentional pun.

On a vocabulary assignment: “America’s ensign [loosely meaning “flag” here] has 51 stars, one to represent each state. “

Included in a student’s acrostic poem, for the “e” in his name: entelligent

An e-mail from a parent (yes, a parent!): “Could you let me know when you have torturing for the students?” Before I answered, “Whenever you want,” I realized she meant tutoring.

An actual student’s spelling of the word “Bible:” Bie-bull…It took me a good five minutes to figure out what he meant.

In a short essay from a group of juniors: “Benjamin Franklin’s many good writings explain how he got to be where he is today.” What? Six feet under?

I’m vaguely remembering another hilarious line including a typo in another student’s research paper, but the exact line eludes me right now. I’ll make sure to post it if I can remember it. I hate that I’ve forgotten it, because even now I remember it was the absolute best in my collection.


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