Update to Yesterday’s Post

October 5, 2006

I just found out that my older brother and SIL are also heading to my parents’ place this weekend. I’m so excited they get to go too. It also makes the room arrangements somewhat more simple. M was so thrilled they would be coming that he immediately offered to take the worst bed in the worst room so that they could have a nicer room. That means my brother and SIL, who have been actively trying for several years now, will end up in the Conception Bed Room. I guess that means the pressure is off us to have the next grandbaby. I hate the bed we’re ending up in, but it’s worth it this time. After all, both siblings are coming to my parents’ this weekend for the sole reason of celebrating PJ’s birthday.

Speaking of that, though, we are leaving for the birthday celebrations tonight. Things are going to be crazy busy all weekend. (Actually, that should have started already, but I don’t feel like packing quite yet.) If I even get time to blog, I probably won’t blog on this one. There won’t be much privacy there, and M is the only person I actually know who knows about this blog. I would hate to tip any of my family off to this blog unintentionally. For that reason, I will probably stay away from this blog altogether. I also won’t be reading everybody else’s blogs as regularly until Monday (or Tuesday even). I hope everybody has a great weekend, and think about me as I go through blog withdrawal!