Taking Bets

October 9, 2006

Ok, I’m back from the weekend. It was crazy, and I’ll probably update everyone here with the stories that are too risque to include on my public blog. Can I just say my family is CRAZY? Oh, and I’ll probably have to go ahead and put down the in-law stories, even though I know I kind of told myself I wouldn’t.

With the return from the trip, though, we have kind of entered a new stage in our lives. We are now sort of trying to have another baby. I took my last pill on Friday night. Last night was our first night to go at it completely unprotected since before PJ was born.

So I’m taking bets as to how soon I get pregnant. Here are the relevant details:

1. I started last time on Sept. 29.

2. I went off birth control on Oct. 6.

3. My cycles usually go a little long (32-ish days before PJ, nothing regular since).

4. Getting pregnant last time was too easy, even with birth control.

I’m betting by Thanksgiving I have some news to tell the family. And if for some reason it takes longer, Christmas is almost a sure bet. It won’t be a fun way to spend the holidays, with morning sickness and all, but I can’t wait to get to make that announcement. I’m expecting everything to be totally different from last time, and that possibility excites me.