A Pet Peeve

October 16, 2006

You know one of the weird things that bothers me to no end? Movies made from books. I’m watching one now that I recorded off the Hallmark channel weeks ago. I’d just finished reading the book and didn’t even realize they’d made a movie of it, so I thought it was a neat coincidence and recorded it. I’m finally getting around to watching it today.

The book was really good. That was the third time I’d read it, and I loved how intricately the plot was woven together. The characters were unique and likeable, despite their flaws. And the movie is nothing like it.

So far a couple of the major plot points and characterizations are staying true to the book, but most of it is completely different on screen. If the plot of the book wasn’t good enough, dramatic enough for a movie, then why did they bother in the first place? Why mess up the author’s carefully-created book and then name it the same? This is the fourth Hallmark movie I’ve seen that claims to be a theatrical version of the book. None of them was even close to the book.

I suppose the movies might be really good (for a Hallmark movie) if I hadn’t read the books already. But not only are the movies treading on my imagination’s version of the setting, etc., but the black-and-white facts as well. I’m too much of a stickler for the facts. I spend the whole movie being annoyed at how it differs from the book instead of enjoying the movie for itself.

Oh, my goodness. I just had to roll my eyes at that. How remarkably over-dramatic and over-emotional. I may not even be able to make it through this movie after that scene. Let’s make it good and clear it’s a Hallmark movie. No wonder I prefer books. They’re never as cheesy in my imagination as the movie-makers seem to want to make them.