It’s Saturday night. There’s crap on TV. My son is asleep. My husband just left to go to Wal-Mart–sexy Saturday evening excursion, huh? I’m all alone and bored to tears.

The worst part is that I just finished reading a book…a series really. I’ve invested much of my last week or so in reading this series, so it feels like I’ve lost a friend now that the series is over. I can’t believe how involved I get in these fictional people’s lives.

I would start a new book, or ideally another series, but I don’t have any books I haven’t read recently that are calling my name. I could probably settle with something, but after that last series, I don’t want to settle.

So I find myself floundering without the friendly book in my hands, or at least taunting me from the coffee table. What shall I do with my time? How can I stay entertained? Maybe this is a good opportunity to start writing that book I mentioned several weeks back. After all, I should be inspired after that wonderful series I just finished.

Maybe that is what I’ll do…just as soon as I finish folding this load of laundry. Duty first, after all.

One Response to Boredom

  1. Amy says:

    I always feel the same way when I finish a book–like I’ve said goodbye to a friend.

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