I Hate Being Right

At least sometimes I do. Go back and read yesterday’s post really fast so you’ll know what I’m talking about today.

The good news is that the hormones have settled down some from yesterday. After a night spent in ultra-hormonal dreams, obviously an extension of my emotionally hormonal day, I woke up to discover I had started after all.

Yes, just as i had predicted.

So…that means I’m not pregnant, which I’ve been saying for weeks. It’s also six weeks on the dot from last time, which verifies my hesitation to test so early. This is actually right at the interval it’s been the last few cycles, so the erratic cycles since PJ was born were a result of breastfeeding, not the birth control. That means once I wean, I should hopefully go back to my pre-pregnancy regular cycles, not these weird six-weekers. I guess at least they’ve been regular these last few times, even if they’re not the regular intervals I want.

Anyway, it’s slightly disappointing. I was sort of hoping yesterday that the hormones were pregnancy hormones after all, even though nothing else felt pregnant. I’m glad I know either way, though. And I get another month (six weeks?) of trying.

I’ve been trying to figure out what I should do. I don’t want to get more involved with determining exactly when I ovulate. M still wants to leave it up to chance, so I need to use logic, not relatively invasive procedures, to figure out when I’m most fertile. I know if I go back to my normal pre-pregnancy cycles, then I’d ovulate about 2-2 1/2 weeks after starting. If I’m still on this weird cycle, though, then I guess it’s closer to 4 weeks after starting. Should we just try at both of those times? I’m betting whether or not I arrange it that way, that’s probably what will happen. I guess it can’t hurt to cover all my bases anyway, though.

In the meantime, I think I’ll work on weaning PJ a little faster. He’s getting less and less interested all the time. Maybe by the next cycle, that will all be in the past. So maybe another two months before I find out I’m pregnant, if I get pregnant at the first ovulation after weaning? Ugh, that sounds like an awful long time to wait all of a sudden.


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