So I took some advice and visited the blogs of my new commenters and left comments as well. But I forgot that the default setting gives my real name and directs people to my other, public blog. That means these people have no idea who I am, that it was me who commented, and if they do figure it out, they’ll have connected me to the other blog.

Stupid me. I need to stop trying to be so productive before noon.

To cover my tracks, I have disabled my profile. That will at least keep people from finding my other blog. If you commented here the other day and had a mysterious comment show up on your blog today–particularly if it thanked you for stopping by my blog–then that was probably me. And now you know my real name. Sorry about the confusion.

The problem has led me to decide it’s time to give some sort of a name here, though. I was wondering how long I could continue to keep myself completely anonymous without any sort of a name. I think I did pretty well to make it this long, but it’s time now.

From here on out, I will be known as Kayce. It’s a pseudonym, yes, but it’s more personal than no name at all.

One Response to Whoops

  1. Debbie says:

    Your secret is safe with me! Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. 😉

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