Warcraft Widow

December 5, 2006

As of Friday, I have joined the ranks of the Warcraft widows. M joined the ranks of those hopelessly addicted to the game. I think he’s only gone to work the past two days so that he can afford to keep playing during evenings and weekends.

I’ve watched him play. I, too, am addicted, even though I have yet to touch the game. I am probably the most understanding Warcraft widow out there. I’ve considered playing on my own, but I might abandon my son altogether if I let that happen. I don’t want to make a Warcraft orphan out of him.

Besides, M will never forgive me if I rob him of his beloved computer, the only one in the house that will play the game.

He has dreams of the two of us playing our own characters on two different computers, as we work together online. He’s using it as a way to drop hints about getting a new computer. I’m trying to decide whether I want to join him in his dream or not.

We have another week of his free trial. I’m betting he uses every free second to get me as addicted as he is so that he can get a new computer out of the deal. I wonder if that was his plan all along…