No Testing Needed

December 10, 2006

Those black moods I mentioned yesterday? Totally, 100% hormone-related. In fact, as I write this, I’m in a Midol-induced haze. I woke up this morning to some spotting. Since I’m still at least five days away from the earliest I expected to start (more like two weeks at least for when I really expected it), I got my hopes up at first. I’d been cramping just a little over the past few days, which I never do before I start, and it was very, very little, more like spotting than a period.

Then all of a sudden late this afternoon, it hit with full force. It’s definitely not spotting. I just don’t understand why it came so early this month. Is it to make up for showing up late the past few times? At least it explains the out-of-whack hormones of late. I’m not insane, as my recent moods indicated.

Of course I’m a little disappointed I’m not pregnant, but since the symptoms I mentioned the other day were fading even by the time I’d finished typing the post (slight exaggeration, but you know…), I’d already gotten it in my mind that this wasn’t the month. And it’s not bad that I had confirmation earlier rather than later so I couldn’t get my hopes up too high. Oh, and I didn’t waste a pregnancy test.

I’m also glad my cycle is a little shorter again. I’ll know sooner whether I’m pregnant for the month, and I’ll have more opportunities to conceive since I’ll ovulate more frequently. The cramps and other yucky period stuff isn’t fun to have more often, but maybe I won’t have to put up with them much longer. I just hope this shorter cycle is my new normal. I hate being so irregular, like I have been ever since PJ was born. It’s hard to know when we should try the most when my ovulation could be anywhere from almost two weeks after starting to a full month after. Not that I mind all that “trying” all month long!

Maybe next month is the month. No Christmas surprises for the grandmas, but they’ll get over it.