Rant Times Two

December 13, 2006

Okay, so I probably overreacted to that e-mail from the FIL yesterday. I don’t take back anything I said, though. My gut reaction was a response to everything my in-laws have done, not just yesterday’s experience. I managed to write a very calm e-mail back to him saying thanks for the concern, but you don’t need to worry. It helped that I vented a little to M first.

I’m hoping the thought that they might fight for custody is also an overreaction. They wouldn’t exactly have much of a legal claim if they tried. M and I take good care of him, even if we don’t do everything exactly as they would. Besides, if there was a real problem and we couldn’t take care of him properly, my parents would get custody first. They have four success stories to their credit, and they’re better off financially (which is another source of friction for my in-laws, who seem to think my parents flaunt it). M’s parents have two success stories and one son whose name they barely mention. Not exactly the kind of people I want to be taking parenting advice from. M thrived in spite of their parenting, not because of it.

Oops, I didn’t mean to go into another rant. On to a different topic. I’m totally and completely done with my Christmas shopping. That’s a first for me. I usually have to go find something during that last week before Christmas. The last few years I’ve done the majority of my shopping online, and it has streamlined my shopping considerably. The only problem now is waiting for the gifts to arrive.

I ordered one gift (actually two, from the same place) from a site I’d never tried before. It was a unique gift, however, and could only be ordered from these people. I was willing to risk it, but to make sure it got here in time, I paid extra for it to be shipped UPS. I’m kicking myself now. If I’d been thinking, I would have remembered last year’s UPS drama. We had several gifts that just barely got here in time, and then only because M had to call and threaten them. They claimed they couldn’t find our address because our neighborhood was too new. How come they delivered to our neighbors then? They returned one gift to the sender because we supposedly said it wasn’t ours when they contacted us. They never contacted us. They changed the address on another package and delivered it to someone else, again supposedly because they’d contacted us and we had told them to.

So why on earth did I think shipping anything with UPS was a good idea, especially when there was a time limit involved? This year’s package has already had problems, according to their tracking site. It will be a miracle if it gets here in time before we leave for our Christmas trip on Saturday. It was guaranteed to be here in less than a week. I can just about guarantee now that it won’t be. I’m so frustrated about this. I’m going to put in a plug now for everyone to avoid using UPS whenever possible from now on. They have awful service, and I’m boycotting them now.