December 27, 2006

I’ve been going through some serious blogging withdrawal in the past week or so. I’ve hated that I’ve neglected this blog, but there has been no feasible way to blog here discreetly, without the many subjects of rants finding out, since I have been spending much time around them.

Of course, spending time with all this extended family has also provided much necessity for blogging, at that precise time when I can’t. It’s quite the paradox. Fortunately, my wonderful husband snuck my laptop into our bedroom tonight for the sole reason of letting me blog here without anybody discovering it.

Mini-rant #1: My newest SIL announced her pregnancy when she arrived at my parents’ house a week ago. This is the SIL I griped about a few weeks ago on Confession Thursday, the one I don’t particularly like. Her news didn’t exactly help matters any. She’s as self-centered as ever, and now she has tighter strings on my brother. When he discovers his mistake, if indeed he has made one, he now has the feelings of a child to consider. Not only that, but now they are dirt poor, living with her parents while they try to hide away enough cash to move out, and they need to think about providing for a baby as well. Bad planning.

Mini-rant #2: How could she get pregnant before me??!! I’m so selfish as well, and it’s driving me crazy that she comes with special Christmas news that I was so hoping to be able to bring myself. I let myself think maybe I was too while I was still there, even getting odor-induced morning sickness several days. I took a pregnancy test and everything and was still somehow surprised that it turned out negative. I should have known better. I’m just hoping now that we conceived a special Christmas baby, if we couldn’t announce the news over the holiday break.

Mini-rant #3: My in-laws are driving me nuts, especially my MIL and my grandparents-in-law. The grandparents stayed here for several days, even though it would have been more convenient for them to go to Christmas celebrations if they’d stayed at home. I believe the sole reason was to spend more time with us, namely PJ. Grandma hovered every second and never, ever shut up. She has a great heart, but after a few hours with her, I can’t wait to have alone, quiet time again. Also, she and Grandpa bicker incessantly. Grandpa is nearly deaf, so the bickering is quite loud. I hate being that close to loud arguing. Our time with them couldn’t end soon enough for all of us except for the two of them. They were eager to spend an extra night than they’d originally planned. It took some careful planning on our part to nip that in the bud without hurting any feelings.

My MIL isn’t as bad as normal this time, but it bugs the heck out of me that she won’t let me be the mom. M and I will specifically ask her not to do something when she’s with PJ, and even with us there, she will defy us. It’s a control issue, and she wants to make darn sure we know she has the last word about his care. It makes us not want to let her take care of him at all, but we know that would only make matters worse. Any helpful hints out there?

I guess I’ll leave the rants there for tonight. I may not get another chance to write anything until the weekend, but maybe my sweet hubby will steal me another chance to blog tomorrow night. I’m sure I’ll have lots to write about if so. Visits with the in-laws sure provide lots of good stories…and rants!