Almost an Apology

I know I’ve posted several rants about my MIL here, and I’m not about to take any back today. But my opinion about her has changed just a little bit. (By the way, after spending about a week with her, M and I were able to psychoanalyze her and her issues a little better. It stems from a verbally abusive father who abandoned her, etc. I sympathize with her now, which makes her a little easier to deal with–in small doses anyway.)

Last night PJ had quite a little accident. It was the first of the kind, and M and I panicked, as would be expected. Within seconds, we were starting to pack up to spend the evening in the emergency room. At the last second, M decides to call his mom first to get her opinion about whether an ER visit was necessary. His first reaction to any medical problem is to call his mom, since she is a nurse. It doesn’t hurt anything that she prides herself on her medical knowledge, so it really strokes her ego to get called for advice.

Normally, MIL is overly emotional and can’t do anything without going to extremes. That’s one of the things about her that bugs me since I have such an even disposition. Last night, though, her nursing attitude kicked in, instead of her grandma one. Over the phone she was able to talk both M and me down from our panicked states without letting us know she was at all worried either. I was and still am thoroughly impressed. She has proven to me that despite her issues, she can be a great mom, grandma, and nurse. I might just have to give her a little bit more slack the next time she bugs me.

By the way, PJ is obviously just fine. He’s got an ugly bruise on his forehead, but he doesn’t even seem to notice it’s there. The first of many, I’m sure.

2 Responses to Almost an Apology

  1. Kristin says:

    Glad to hear that PJ is OK. Accidents that our kids are involved in are very traumatic…for us!

    I understand what you mean with MIL’s & different perspectives. That change hasn’t made it better for us, but easier to work with.

  2. Debbie says:

    Glad to hear that the little guy is fine. Those little accidents can be very traumatic…on the parents!

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