Happy New Year’s…Almost

I’ve been lazy about blogging today because I’ve been trying to figure out which of the several vague ideas floating around in my head should make it to the blog. I’m very reluctantly opting to do the same old New Year’s post, more out of a sense of obligation than having anything new to say.

I stopped making resolutions years ago when I realized I forgot to keep them about two days in. My life is pretty good as it is, and I know I won’t keep up with any grand ideas for a full year. Instead I usually think about what I hope will happen in the next year. Again, this year is more difficult than most. A few years ago I was desperately hoping for a boyfriend, then two years ago it was that this new boyfriend would be “the one” (he was). Last year it was merely that I would learn how to cope with a newborn and that PJ would develop mostly on schedule.

It seems like the last few years I’ve gotten the wishes I’ve dared to make, so I’ll make one more this year. I hope this is the year our family increases by another family member…and not the furry one we brought home from our Christmas vacation.

Along the same lines, I had several more baby dreams last night. It seems like they’re coming more frequently. It’s obvious I have baby on the brain right now. I hate it when I wake up, though. It only makes me more disappointed to realize it wasn’t real and doesn’t have a chance of being real any time soon. I guess last night’s was better than it could have been, however. I recognized it as a dream as I was dreaming, and the second part of the dream was me telling someone else about that baby dream. How weird is that? At least I already knew it was just a dream while I was still sleeping and didn’t wake up disappointed, just weirded out.

Anyway, happy New Year’s to everyone. I hope you all get the desires of your heart this year, too.

One Response to Happy New Year’s…Almost

  1. Debbie says:

    Happy New Year to you. i hope you get your big wish this year. 🙂

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