To Test or Not to Test

We’re at that time of month again. It’s been 31 days since I cycled last, and I’ve been PMS-ing for the last 3 or so. I don’t feel at all pregnant, but it always worries me when I PMS day after day without any results. That’s what clued me in to my pregnancy with PJ.

So I find myself in the “test or not test” quandary. If my body cycled this month like it did last, then I’m already a week or so late. That’s the only time I’ve ever had such a short cycle, though, so I think it was just a weird month. If my body has returned to its pre-pregnancy cycle, then I should start in the next day or so. This seems the most likely possibility right now, based on how I’ve been feeling. The other possibility is that my body is returning to its just post-pregnancy cycle of almost six weeks. In that case, I’m not PMS-ing yet at all and shouldn’t worry yet.

It’s driving me crazy that I’m so incredibly irregular. I don’t even know when to expect my period, so I have no way of predicting when I might ovulate or guessing whether I might be pregnant. I have no idea when to test because I don’t know when I’m late. I hate unpredictability and lack of routines.

To complicate matters, until today I’ve still been breastfeeding. I know that very likely was keeping my irregular. My desire for my cycle to return to normal (and more normal ovulation) is one of the primary reasons I’m pushing weaning now, even though PJ doesn’t act ready for it yet. I want my body back to normal, with a normal cycle again, and to have it belong to me again for a short time before leasing it to the next kid.

One Response to To Test or Not to Test

  1. Heather Noel says:

    I know how you’re feeing. I go 2-3 months without a period, its almost impossible to know when I ovulate. I sometimes think we just got lucky with our little man. If you dont start in a day or so go get you a test, and even if you’re not pregnant, atleast you will know. I’m keepin my fingers crossed for you

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