Valentine’s Day

Two years ago today was one of the greatest days of my life. M and I had been dating for just about six weeks and had talked about getting engaged already. I expected it would happen soon, but I knew M well enough to know there was no way he was buying into the commercialism of Valentine’s Day to propose then. I was right. He took me out for a V-Day dinner the day before to avoid crowds on the actual day, and he proposed then. I was surprised in the best way. He had already done several other things for me to make that Valentine’s Day special, so I truly didn’t expect him to give me a super expensive ring on top of it all.

Because of how special the day was two years ago, M and I agreed last year to not do anything for each other. We both knew that no matter what he did for me, it wouldn’t compare to the previous year. Instead of having me disappointed in him or the gift, we pretended like the day never happened. It really didn’t matter to me, like I thought it would. I had had my super special Valentine’s Day I’d always waited for, and I wasn’t alone for this one either. I was quite content spending the day quietly at home with the two men in my life that I love the most.

This year we didn’t even discuss it. I remembered the reasoning for boycotting Valentine’s Day last year and assumed the same was in effect. The thought crossed my mind once or twice to do something special for M, some nice surprise. I had to abandon the idea, though, because I couldn’t think of something special enough for him, and I couldn’t figure out how I could get it for him without him realizing I had done something for him. Since I knew he wasn’t going to do anything for me, it wasn’t too disappointing that I couldn’t find a way around it.

Then last week we stumbled into the conversation about Valentine’s Day. I mentioned that it was nice that we weren’t doing anything too special, and M got a funny look on his face. Finally he admitted that some time ago he had gotten me something. The man who claims to be unable to surprise anybody had kept it a surprise that long that he had even gotten me anything. I still have no clue what it is. He only told me that I had a gift waiting because he knew how bad I would feel if he surprised me with a gift tomorrow and I had nothing for him.

I totally copped out on getting him a gift. I still couldn’t think of anything he would want and can’t easily go anywhere to get it anyway, so he found something he wanted and bought it for himself. It didn’t even get wrapped first. I feel like such a bad wife now, but he seems perfectly happy with this arrangement, so I guess I won’t complain.

And now I keep thinking about tomorrow when I get to find out what this super-secret, super-special gift is. I get warm fuzzies all over every time it crosses my mind. Just when I thought the romance was finally starting to fade, M jumps in and surprises me. It’s yet another reminder how lucky I am.

One Response to Valentine’s Day

  1. Lizzy says:

    Girl, you have the Best. Gift. Ever.

    In your belly! And another one of the Best. Gifts. Ever. running around your house and pulling all of the tissues out of the box or unwinding the toilet paper or screeching at the top of his lungs.

    What can beat that?

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