When M got home from work, the doorbell still hadn’t rung. At one point in the afternoon, I could have sworn I heard a truck door slam outside our house, so I hopped up to answer the door more quickly when the doorbell rang. But it never did. I peeked outside to see a FedEx truck turning the corner, but it didn’t look like it had stopped. I mentioned that to M when he called on his way home, annoyed that the package hadn’t shown up yet.

When he came in the front door, he dropped gifts in my lap. Apparently the package had been left on our porch, but the FedEx guy didn’t even bother to ring our doorbell before he took off. How lazy. Anyway, it turned out that M had ordered me a dozen red roses, our special flower, and an adorable and super soft teddy bear.

Flowers may seem a bit cliche, but it’s really sweet when you understand more of the background. M does not give flowers, or any gifts, very often. If there’s ever anything I want, he just buys it, so gifts like this are rare. The first time he surprised me with flowers was on our one-month anniversary. He showed up on my doorstep with a single rose in his hand. He told me I was worthy of many, many more, but he brought me one this time as his way of telling me I was “the one.” Does it surprise anyone that red roses became the primary theme of our wedding?

I haven’t even touched roses since the wedding. That makes yesterday’s surprise of flowers even more special. Oh, and he ordered them back in early January. He thought about making this Valentine’s Day special ages ago, and then kept the secret for that long. I’m proud of him.

I was hoping we could celebrate in other traditional ways last night, too. I snuck off while he was playing on the computer in the other room and took a long shower, shaving the forest on my legs and everything. I was hoping to surprise him with how good I was feeling. Unfortunately, yesterday was a roller-coaster day as far as the nausea was concerned. Every time I would feel better for a while, I would end up in a new low a short time later. I was in one of those lows around bedtime, so we had to pass on any Valentine’s Day fun. Maybe I’ll be able to make up for it tonight.


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  1. Hoping says:

    how sweet!

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