I’ve seen this on several blogs now and have to admit I’m warming to the idea, so I’m shamelessly stealing it. It’s a youyou, not a meme. Like so many others, I’m focusing on people whose blogs I read or that I know primarily online. Yes, you can find many of these on my blogroll.

1. We may have a lot in common, my brother and friends included, but more and more I realize we’re nothing alike. I worry that every day is the one you hurt my brother.

2. You write the way I always wish I could, and I envy you.

3. Your way of life isn’t one I completely approve of, but I love reading your blog because you’re a great mom anyway and have adorable kids.

4. You started this whole youyou craze (out of the blogs I read), but I’m afraid to identify myself on yours, more because I’m afraid I’ll be right than wrong.

5. Your blog recently went private, and I miss it; I’m too shy to ask for an invitation since you never even knew I read it.

6. Your daughter is brilliant; it gives me hope for all preemies to read about her developments.

7. I miss your blog and our chats. We have a lot in common and I hate that I haven’t prioritized our friendship.

8. I wish we’d become better friends when we knew each other in real life; maybe I wouldn’t be so jealous of all your current friends now.

9. I dreamed the other night that you had died, but your family was coping fine without you. I still missed you, though.

10. You have the same name that I’ve always wanted to name a daughter.

11. You seem like a great person, but I have trouble reading your blog sometimes because of the spelling and grammatical errors.

12. Your blog was so clever and witty and hilarious. Why won’t you take a few minutes once a year to blog anymore?

13. You are not that much better than everybody else because you claim to have a stronger faith in God, and it turns people off because you come across that way.

14. You were a hypocrite and snob in real life, and you are in your blog too. Why do I still check your blog regularly?

15. I feel a real connection to you because I grew up in a family with four kids, and you’re raising your own brood of four.

16. I was so jealous of you when you got pregnant, even though you had been trying much longer than I had, but now I’m happy for you and wish you the best in the rest of your pregnancy.

17. Your blog is hilarious, but I’m scared to comment because I don’t feel “cool” enough to fit in with you and your friends.

18. Your blog originally caught my attention because you were also a teacher dealing with a lot of the same crap I dealt with when I taught. Now I’m more fascinated by you as a person than your teaching experiences.

19. I will never feel comfortable commenting on your blog, and I see it more as an indulgence to read it than anything else.

20. I have nothing but respect for you and all that you have been through with your little girl.

21. Your baby boy really isn’t cute, although I would never admit that to anybody who knew you.

22. I read your blog and can’t believe that you can edit anything.

23. I get the feeling we have nothing at all in common, but I still feel like we would be great friends in real life.

24. We do have a lot in common, and I hope that we can become better friends through our blogs.

25. You don’t even know about this blog, but your support through my other blog has meant everything to me–and I doubt you’ll ever know just how much it means to me that you took the initiative to e-mail me with your story.

26. Your stories about your kids constantly crack me up.

27. You are a very dedicated mother, and you give me lots of ideas of things to do with my own kids when they get older.

28. Your son is less than a week older than my own, and I’m jealous of how advanced he is compared to PJ.

29. Your daughter is by far the cutest little kid I’ve seen in a long time (other than PJ of course).
30. You have an uncanny ability to make me either laugh or cry.

31. Your posts are always so positive and amusing. Your kids have lots of personality.

32. I find it hard to keep up with your life because you post so sporadically.

33. I will never forget your post about your miscarriage. I have never cried like I did at that post.

34. Your blog isn’t terribly interesting, but somehow I can’t keep myself from reading it regularly.

35. So little of your personality comes through in your blog that even though I’ve been reading you for months, I feel like I know nothing about you.

36. You are one of the only two people that I suspect knows who I am (at least connects this blog to my other blog), and I appreciate that you haven’t spilled my secret and that you support me so much in both blogs.

37. I’m jealous of how well-known of a blogger you are. Your pseduonym is so simple yet catchy, and I wish I’d thought of something like it first. Now it would just look like I was copying you.

38. I was disappointed when you moved away from the town I live in because I had a secret hope that maybe we’d become friends in real life. Then you stopped blogging altogether, and I lost the tentative friendship we had online.

39. A part of me wonders if I knew you in college. If so, you dated my ex-boyfriend and ruined him emotionally. I’m still glad to see how good your life is now, even if you are the girl my gut tells me you are.

40. You act like you’re done with your blog, but I know your type. You’ll be back. Like me, you can’t live without blogging. Unfortunately for you, your blog was never that interesting. Your drunken rants were particularly annoying.

41. I can’t believe you published a book based on your blog. I’d be more jealous if I didn’t recognize that you do have a talent for this.

42. I’ve stopped reading your blog because your life is boring, but you’ve stopped reading mine too, so it doesn’t bother me.

43. One time you commented on my blog and I was beside myself. I couldn’t believe that someone with your notoriety actually read my blog and felt compelled to comment.

44. I wish you would post actual content and not just pictures.

45. It took me months to connect your name to your blog. For some reason the name doesn’t sound like the personality you show on your blog. I think we’d be good friends in real life, though.

46. Your most memorable post was your post-partum picture. You looked more fit in that one than I ever have, and I’m not overweight by any means.

47. I don’t know why I keep reading you. You rarely ever post, and when you do, it doesn’t have great content. It feels like your blog is only relevant for people who already knew you before the blog.

48. I prayed for you and your family, and it makes me smile every time I see a new post on your blog showing how well she is thriving.

49. You don’t know me or know that I read your blog, but what you say about your pregnancy only depresses me. I think I’m headed down the same road.

50. I had a crush on you in high school and stumbled across your blog awhile back accidentally. I’ve blog-stalked you every so often since then. I hope you never figure out who I am.

I hope I wasn’t too honest on some of these, but I doubt the people who might be offended by what I said about them actually read this blog. And by the way, the odds are good that if you have ever commented here before, I read your blog and you’re one of these fifty.


10 Responses to Shameless

  1. Whitney says:

    I don’t think you’ve ever commented on my site and that’s the reason I forget to come to your’s more often. When I do, I find myself getting lost for hours in your archives. I think you’re an excellent blogger! I wonder if I’m on your list…

  2. Emma in Canada says:

    I’m not sure if I might be #4 or not. I haven’t seen it too many places, but I think you might read a few more blogs than me.

    Number 6 is sooo Tonya.

    I would love to know who 14 is!

    Do you really think only 2 people know about both blogs?

  3. Heather Noel says:

    I know more than 2 people read your blogs, I know know of 2 right here. I cant decide if I ‘m on that list or not.

  4. Chas says:

    I did this on my blog as well….and it leaves me wanting to know if I’ve made your list. Yet, it scares me that I’m one of the negative ones.

  5. Heather Noel says:

    Same with me, Chas. Same with me.

  6. Kayce says:

    Good news to all of you. I tend to like people who read my blog (and say nice things about me), so all of yours are good ones. 🙂

    Yes, Emma, you’re 4. Was I also 4 on yours?

  7. Kristin says:

    I didn’t get a chance to comment on this last night, by my initial reaction was “WOW”. The very honest ones are pretty interesting!

  8. Lizzy says:

    I think I figured out both blogs, but no biggie–both are good reads, though I haven’t commented recently. I’m a slacker like that.

    I’d figure I’m #22. But as I rule, I don’t self-edit.

  9. Kayce says:

    Good news, Lizzy. You’re not. I was afraid you’d think that one was you, but I can totally see you as an editor (and I’m actually jealous of you for it). Keep guessing!

  10. Lizzy says:


    My life is boring, then?

    These youyous are tough. As I mentioned on Emmakirsten’s blog, it evokes such a conflicting response. You want to be on a list, but then… you don’t.

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