How come for once in my life I’m able to lose weight without even trying? Now, when I have a sneaking suspicion my doctor would rather I gained a few pounds? I always weigh myself right before I shower, which means for one that I’ve been weighing myself a lot less frequently than normal since I’ve been showering less. When I weighed myself on Sunday, I was holding steady at the same weight I’d been for the last week or so, about three pounds down from the pre-pregnancy weight. Today, I’d lost another pound and a half. Yup, that’s a pound and a half in two days. Granted, part of it is due to the fact that the medicine finally got my digestive system moving again, but that’s still an awful lot. How is that even possible? It’s been over a week since I puked, and I am still eating every time I feel like I can. It’s hard to believe I am still losing weight like this. Maybe my doctor will have some ideas when I finally go see her again–in the middle of March.

Despite the weight loss, I am showing more than ever. I need to get M to take some belly pictures soon so we have some sort of record of how much I’m growing. When I wear a normal T-shirt, say when I’m in pajamas (most of the time these days), it pooches out a lot. Add the monstrous boobs to the picture, and I actually look pregnant already. Baggy real clothes do hide it some, but why would I want to hide it? This time, I’m proud to look pregnant.

Another thing I’d forgotten from last time was just how tired I get when I’m pregnant. I can handle the fatigue during the day usually, but when I crash, I crash. It’s like I slip into a coma from midnight until about nine in the morning when I hear PJ start jabbering in his room. And if I haven’t slept enough yet, I don’t even hear that. Normally a light sleeper, I’m a little freaked out by the thought that I could sleep right through something as drastic as a tornado. Even my morning naps (when I get them) are ridiculously deep. Today when M called to say he was on his way home for lunch, he startled me awake out of a dream, and it took me about ten minutes to figure out what was going on. I hope I don’t get awakened by telemarketers when I’m like this; who even knows what I might sign us up for without realizing it.

You know what I realized last night? If I was a dog, I’d have had these puppies by now. It feels like I’ve been pregnant forever already, but I still have a long, long way to go. September seems like a really long time from now. I hope the months pass faster when I’m not fighting morning sickness. Once PJ starts really walking, I’m sure the time will pass faster, though…

By the way, if you didn’t read the last post, do so now. It’s much more interesting than hearing me complain about more pregnancy stuff.

2 Responses to Whoops

  1. Hoping says:

    did I miss something? ” I would have had these puppies by now” puppy or puppies….?

  2. Kayce says:

    Well, since I don’t really have puppies in here, I figured stretching the plural was okay too. Nope, there’s just one HUMAN baby in here, and it’s sticking around for a long, long time, I hope.

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