Taking the Plunge

Part of the reason for my frustration last night was due to M. I’d been thinking all day about ways to work around this whole pelvic rest issue, but M was letting it overwhelm him. When he heard the words “pelvic rest,” he flashed back to the last pregnancy when he was forced to take care of me. The never-ending nausea combined with the scares that led to pelvic rest kept me pretty much bedridden, and I did almost nothing for myself. M immediately assumed that would be the case again, and how he had a toddler to factor in as well. He was overwhelmed and not ready to even think about our situation at the time.

On the other hand, I heard “pelvic rest,” shrugged because it’s what I expected, and started working out solutions to the problem. I never once thought about what M might think because I was too busy creating ways to still take care of PJ despite the restrictions. It was a massive failure to communicate. Once we were finally able to talk it out, then the action began.

Despite the dismal results of my research, M wanted to check out the crib we had to see what it would take to convert it. Even though PJ had been in bed for hours. So we woke him up to see what we thought about his crib as a toddler bed. PJ was remarkably content being awakened in the middle of the night. Although we were wary of how well protected that side of the bed would be, it looked like an easy fix, so we took the plunge and converted his crib in the middle of the night. I guess M finally understood that we couldn’t sit around trying to decide forever.

Naturally the easy conversion wasn’t nearly as easy as it originally looked, especially when one of us had to be chasing a toddler around at the same time–and I’m not really supposed to lift PJ or the heavy parts we needed to put into place on the crib. We also found out mid-conversion that it probably wouldn’t convert back to a crib very easily if the toddler bed didn’t work as planned. Too late to turn back, we shrugged and kept going. By the time we finally finished, PJ was quite ready to go back to bed. He was definitely weirded out by the missing side on his crib and sat leaning over the edge crying for a long time while I lay on the floor next to his bed. Eventually he gave up. It’s like all of a sudden he decided to give it a try. Lying down, the bed looked familiar to him, so he was perfectly content almost immediately. From there on, he slept like a pro all night.

The “bed rail” that was provided only sticks up a couple of inches from the mattress, so we’re less than impressed, but as there was no better solution, we decided to just see how he would do. We left pillows and blankets and all sorts of soft stuff on the floor next to his crib so that if he rolled or crawled out, at least he would have a soft landing. It turns out that for the first time, I’m glad for his naturally timid nature. I’m certain the only reason he’s not walking yet is that he’s too scared to try it, the same reason it took him so long to crawl and hit every other milestone. Last night, he was too scared to try going over the side, and I think that timidity will continue until it’s not even a temptation for him any longer. I’m starting to be very glad that we decided to try him in a toddler bed as early as we did. At least that part of the plan works fine.

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