A Better Saturday

As I was lying on the couch today watching mindless Saturday TV, I was reminded of what I was doing at that time last week. I’m so, so relieved that I’m spared the worry that struck me last week. The day passed uneventfully, thank goodness. I fought nausea a little worse than usual today, but I’d rather deal with the nausea than worry I’ve lost the baby.

Is it sad that my favorite time of day is late at night when I sneak into PJ’s room to scoop him up from wherever he’s collapsed in an exhausted heap on the floor, moving him gently back to his bed while he snuggles into me? Sometimes he’s just a sweeter baby when he’s sleeping. It makes me want to cuddle up next to him on the floor and hold him close in a way he’d never let me hold him if he knew what was happening.

I hate that I totally forgot on Thursday to give my predictions for who would get kicked off American Idol or to whine about the results yesterday. I have a whole Americal Idol post that needs writing, but I don’t want to get into it tonight. If I have nothing more crucial to mention tomorrow, I’ll probably get into it then. I have some interesting theories about how the voting works. I’m likely one of the few people who wasn’t completely surprised at the outcome on Thursday, even if I was bothered by it.


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