This and That

Thanks for all the support yesterday. I’m glad no one thought I overreacted to the anonymous commenter (or you were all afraid to say so…). Sorry for the late and lame post tonight. I feel incredibly gross today. In fact, I think this is the worst it’s been so far this pregnancy. It’s a miracle I haven’t puked repeatedly all day. The day isn’t over yet, though; I still suspect I’m in for a good vomit before bed.

Oh, yeah, and you can add to the awful nausea the onset of PJ’s terrible twos. They hit with a vengeance today after he woke up from his morning nap. I have never seen him throw a tantrum like that before. I almost wish I’d recorded it and posted it on the other blog just so everyone else could enjoy this wonderful milestone. The problem was that it was so darned amusing to watch him throwing himself around in his high chair to make himself look more pathetic that I couldn’t help laughing. When he saw he wasn’t getting the sympathy he was going for, he started screaming even louder. He actually went into such hysterics that there was nothing I could do to console him–until I pulled out a piece of cheese. I hate that I rewarded his horrible behavior with his favorite food, but he had gone so far out of control that it took desperate measures to get him back. He would have kept crying until he made himself sick otherwise. So how long exactly are these terrible twos supposed to last?

By the way, who else thought, “It’s about stinkin’ time,” when they heard Antonella was finally voted off? And is it just me, or did Sanjaya look as stunned as everybody else to find himself sitting with the top twelve? I think he gave up weeks ago and is now trying to get himself voted off. Apparently all he’d have to do is try one week and that would secure his position as an ex-competitor.

3 Responses to This and That

  1. Emily says:

    I said the same thing last night about Sanjaya. I think he’s almost embarrased to still be there. Who are these people voting for him? I just don’t get it!

  2. Kristin says:

    Tantrums are fun, aren’t they! Logan is just beginning to test it out. He hasn’t had one like PJ had…yet. I’m just waiting because I know it will be any day now.

    You’ve totally just reminded me to make sure I have the camera charged so when it does happen, I can record it for all of the world to see.

    Is that too mean, or just funny?

  3. my life is brilliant says:

    I was really glad Antonella was voted off. As far as Sanjaya goes, if he weren’t a cute, innocent 16-year-old (or however old he is), he’d have been gone a few weeks ago.

    I really wanted him to be good! *sigh*

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