We’ve been fighting with our Internet service provider since last week, and we’re no closer to having our problems fixed than we were then. M is nice enough to be making all the calls, and I can’t imagine how he has had the patience to deal with this. We have an unusual situation; we have a business cable Internet service at our residential home. M’s job depends on him having Internet service any time of day, even if he is at home, so they pay for our Internet and pay to have it upgraded to a business line. Theoretically, that means we have a faster connection, a more reliable connection, and better and more prompt service. Right now, that’s a no to all three.

When M calls to let them know we’re having problems, he gets the runaround. The customer service people have refused to give us the correct number to call since they refuse to help a business line customer either. They have given us the wrong number as well, instead directing us to a pay-per-use service.

Once M got in touch with the right people, they promised they’d send someone out right away. Three days and several calls later, they finally send that person out. M had to miss work to come home and let them in, as I was too sick to get up at the time. He told them what he thought the problem was and advised them to come equipped with an extra modem to trade with the one we already had. The technician instead messed with the stuff M had done, effectively reducing both our Internet signal and cable TV signal. He also didn’t have even a test modem with him. He had to leave last night to find a tester, finally determined M must be right, and left again. He didn’t have a replacement with him, so he assured us someone would be out today to trade out the modems.

I get wakened early this morning (already not a good thing) by my phone. M was calling to let me know the guy would be there in about five minutes. Even the thought of sitting up nearly made me puke, so I told him I really could not let him in right then. M had to come home from work again to deal with a technician. At least this one had a replacement modem. Unfortunately, it turned out that wasn’t the problem. We still barely have Internet right now, and our cable TV is still iffy. Someone different will have to come by later to check something different. This is turning into the never-ending problem!

To make matters worse, when the technician got here this morning, he made enough noise to wake PJ up, messing up his schedule for the whole day. PJ’s been fussy for no apparent reason, and I can’t even get him to sleep a good nap because he’s so over-tired. I’m still sick because I was awakened early and suddenly, and I can’t handle a screaming kid quite as well when I’m curled up on the couch trying not to puke. This has not been a good day, and I can’t wait until M comes home, as long as he will rescue me when he gets here.

2 Responses to Uh-NOY-ing

  1. Ashley says:

    Maybe you posted about this already and I missed it, but can’t your doctor give you anti-nausea meds? I don’t remember the name, but I’ve had friends take it and it works wonders. I just feel sooooooo bad for you that you’re so sick. That sucks.

  2. Kayce says:

    Yeah, it’s been awhile since I mentioned my meds. I’m on twice the anti-nausea meds I took last time. They help some, but they can only do so much. I’m almost to the second trimester now. Things should be looking up soon…

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