At Least It’s an Explanation

Just when I think my life is settling back into boring, something else decides to crop up. I was especially excited at how completely normal my appointment was on Monday, at how normal this whole pregnancy has been, even considering the overwhelming morning sickness.

Then my phone rang during lunch today quite unexpectedly. It was my doctor’s office. I knew as soon as the nurse (receptionist?) identified herself that it was not good news. Just like last time, I have a urinary tract infection. I only get them when I’m pregnant apparently. I don’t think I mentioned that the UTI (the second one in particular) from last time is what I attribute some of the never-ending nausea to. The antibiotics the first time made me so much sicker that I had to stop working toward the end of the round of antibiotics. By the time I got the second round of antibiotics a month later, I could not even choke down one of those huge pills. When my doctor heard about my problems taking the pills, she agreed to let me try flushing it out with cranberry juice. Fortunately, it worked, keeping me out of the hospital on IV antibiotics.

Naturally, I’m worried the antibiotics will make me even more nauseous again and possibly trigger another pill aversion this time. I asked the nurse whether I could try the cranberry juice thing again. It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? I wish I’d kept my mouth shut, though. I’m much more worried now that I’ve heard the doctor’s explanation why that won’t work this time. The bacteria causing the UTI is unusual; the doctor doesn’t see this kind of infection often at all. Not only is it resistant to cranberry juice, but it can also easily lead to a more severe infection that would most likely leave me hospitalized. I guess I’ll have to suck it up and try those antibiotics because I’ve been left with no choice.

The good news is that now I’ve been given an explanation about why the nausea has gotten worse instead of better in the last week or so. It’s almost certainly one of the few vague symptoms of the infection. I was also a little confused about why I had a mysterious fever the other afternoon. I think I’ve figured that one out now. It’s not good at all that I have a complication, minor that it is, but at least we know now and can take measures to fix it. Finally, there’s something I can do proactively to combat the nausea.

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