A Little Better

When my grandpa died, Grandma came to live with us for a while before moving on to a nursing home. I remember her health being a big concern in this time. Every day my mom would ask Grandma how she was doing. It became a family joke when she would answer in a whiny, pathetic voice, “A little better.” Since then, I’ve always been reluctant to answer with “a little better.” Still, that’s how I’m doing today–a little better.

The day didn’t start off that way. I think the term “violently sick” is appropriate for the morning. In between runs to the bathroom, I called the doctor because whether or not these symptoms are normal side effects, they had become intolerable. I finally heard back from the doctor a short time ago, and she is putting me on a different antibiotic that I only have to take once a day. I’ve heard the side effects can still be harsh, but if I take it right before bed, I should sleep through the worst of it. I’ll give an update about that tomorrow–if I can–because I’m starting on them tonight.

The best news, though, is that my husband is the most wonderful husband in the world. He was so worried about me all day today that he had trouble focusing at work. He finally approached his boss this afternoon to explain what was going on. When the boss heard I would likely be sick all week, he told M he’d see him next Monday. In the meantime, he is “working from home.”

I can’t begin to explain how relieved I feel. Stressing about how to function at all, much less well enough to take care of PJ, was making me sicker than I should have been. As you might have gathered, it was making me somewhat depressed last night. I feel like maybe I can make it through the week now. M also needed a bit of a break from work, so this will work out well for him, too.

By the way, thank you to all of you who jumped up to answer my plea for friends and support last night. The next time I need someone to talk to (and feel good enough to spend time on the computer), I’ll definitely take you guys up on your offers to e-mail. It means a lot to me that you were there when I was in such a low point.

Oh, yeah, the other important news…I swear that last night I felt the baby move. It’s a bit early, I thought, but it was an unmistakable nudge several times in a row in the same place. It didn’t feel a bit like gas and reminded me very much of the early flutters with PJ. What else could it have been?

2 Responses to A Little Better

  1. Emily says:

    So glad you have help this week. What a difference that will make. I hope your medicine helps. Hang in there!

  2. Kanwal Jehan says:

    Like Emily said Hang in there, you will be fine. Letting out your feelings in written or verbal are the best ways to do it.


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