Happy Easter!

You want to know how my Easter started? I know you do. It started when my sweet husband woke me up in the middle of a dream. I pried my eyes open enough to see him standing by my side of the bed with a plate. Before he said a word, I figured out what he was doing and what was on the plate. He’d brought me breakfast in bed! Last night we both suddenly got a craving for cinnamon rolls but didn’t want to cook them that late. I guessed he’d forgotten about the craving, but apparently not. What a wonderful way to be surprised first thing in the morning!

I would love for us to have gone to church, the first time in months after being shut in our RSV prison (and morning sickness prison). Until PJ has his next appointment tomorrow and gets cleared to go out again, though, we decided to play it safe. Besides, as much better as I am, it’s never a good idea to count on me in the mornings, at least until the last remnant of the morning sickness is gone.

Instead, we had a fun family time. M brought PJ into our bedroom to play while I finished up my cinnamon rolls. PJ loves playing on our bed (even though his favorite part is trying to dive off the sides headfirst). The three of us spent a good half hour laughing until our stomachs hurt.

At one point, M accidentally let a fart slip out. It was an audible one. M and I glanced at each other and giggled, hoping PJ didn’t hear. He did. A second later, he spit out his mouth in a good imitation of the airy fart. All three of us were rolling on the bed in laughter. (How is it that my eighteen-month old son already appreciates a good fart joke?) PJ even had drool dripping out of his mouth between the spit and the laughing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen something that funny.

Can you think of a better way to start a good Easter? Even the weather cooperated. After yesterday’s gray, dismal, drizzly day, today dawned bright and clear. The sun is shining in perfect Easter fashion. I can’t wait to get cute pictures of PJ “searching” for eggs in the yard. I hope everyone else is having as good an Easter as we are here!

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