A Few Things I Wish I Could Change

April 11, 2007

1. Headaches. I wish I didn’t get nearly daily pregnancy headaches. I wish I didn’t have to resort to strong prescription medication to control them.

2. My reaction to caffeine. I took half a normal dose of the sample medicine my doc gave me yesterday. It includes a small amount of caffeine. The amount was small enough that I assumed it wouldn’t make much of a difference. Wrong. I never have caffeine anymore, so even the tiniest amount is like drinking a triple espresso right before bed. The medicine made me loopy and drowsy, yet hyper, but killed the headache in no time at all. Still, I wasn’t so sure it was worth it at 2:30 this morning when I was still wide awake.

3. The heavy machinery behind our house. The neighborhood developers have the big machines out there early in the morning, usually between six and seven. Is the sun even up then? How do they see what they’re doing? And the machines are loud. One this morning kept making a crash noise every so often that was loud enough to shake our house. Needless to say, I woke up early this morning.

4. The back-up beep for one of the machines. It sounds absolutely identical to M’s alarm clock. He noticed this coincidence yesterday morning when the machine got here before he had to get up, and he kept hitting snooze on his alarm and couldn’t figure out why it wouldn’t stop beeping. That was my problem today. I kept wanting to wake M up to make him turn off his alarm, but he’d already left for work.

5. When PJ wakes up. Don’t get me wrong. He’s a great sleeper. The problem is that he tends to wake up within minutes of the noise behind our house stopping (or at least tapering off). Just as I start thinking I may be able to sneak in a few more minutes of peaceful sleep, he wakes up demanding breakfast.

6. That the nausea increases the less sleep I get. I’ve always gotten nauseous to some level when I’m attempting to function on too little sleep, but things get ridiculous when I’m already fighting nausea all day long. A full night’s sleep for me right now is about ten hours. I’m usually okay if I have at least eight. I’m working off maybe six right now, and that’s being generous. It’s going to be a long day.

On the bright side, I got to feel the baby move several more times yesterday. M got to feel it once as well. I think the baby liked the caffeine. I remember with PJ, I only felt him once every few days at first. I wonder now if I was missing some of the earliest, faintest flutters this time because I was distracted with watching PJ and other things. Either way, this is the part of pregnancy I enjoy the most. There’s something so bonding about feeling your baby moving inside you. It’s so comforting. The reality of a little human being growing inside me is setting in. I’m suddenly preparing for an actual baby, not this vague idea of one.