Thinking Blogger Award

April 13, 2007

So this week it turns out that I have been nominated twice for a Thinking Blogger Award. Thank you to Debbie and Kristin. I appreciate knowing that you consider my blog one that makes you think.

It’s interesting because I never really set out to do so. I needed a place to vent, particularly about in-law issues, and to ramble on about nonsense going through my mind that I didn’t want all my relatives reading. Then I got pregnant, and the blog turned into a pregnancy blog. I’m glad that somewhere in between all the selfish rantings some of you found something of depth.

The truth is that I am quite the philosophical person and spend much of my time in deep thought, although not as much as I did in college and my single days. I just feel like that side of me rarely comes through in my blog. Being nominated as a Thinking Blogger inspires me to work on that some, to tell you some of my deep thoughts, not just my complaints and pregnancy updates. After all, what’s the point of blogging where I have an actual audience if I’m not challenging any of us? I might as well write my typical selfish stuff in a journal. (But don’t worry. I won’t stop posting all the in-law dirt and day-to-day milestones. I just won’t subject you to that every day.)

The next responsibility of a Thinking Blogger is to pass on the award to five other bloggers you feel worthy of the award. I have to confess that this is the hard part for me. It’s not that I don’t read five blogs worthy of the title, but instead that every one I would instinctively nominate has already received one from someone else. So instead of searching for five new people from my blogroll, I’m just going to list every blog I think is worthy of the award. If you’ve already received a nomination, be flattered I also thought of you but not obligated to repost where you did this already.

1. Debbie
2. Canape
3. Girl from Florida
4. Amy
5. Chas
6. Hannah
7. Lizzy
8. Kristin