Still Indecisive

April 17, 2007

I’m glad to see that a few of you have already found your way here.  After a full day and some more playing, I find that I’m still ambivalent about the whole process.  Yes, wordpress does have some nice features, but I don’t see myself using many of them.  This just isn’t that kind of blog.  Yet I still love this template.  I guess I’ll just keep both going for a few days until I make a final decision.

 I did think of another reason or two to stay or go since my post on blogger last night.  If I move here, I’m just that much more separate from my public blog.  I feel a greater sense of security not having the two blogs grouped together.  Still, it was much more convenient to be able to check both blogs from one basic location.  I have a few different blogs linked over on the other blog, so I still feel compelled to check it regularly.  But if I move here, I can always post pictures and more personal stuff (you know, the kind of stuff that might reveal my identity) and keep those posts password protected.

 Hmmm…I’m starting to like the idea of moving over here.  Maybe I’ll keep playing around with some of the neat features to see whether I still think it’s worth it.  If you check this blog often in the next few days, I have a feeling you’ll notice things changing a lot, probably drastic changes a couple of times every day.  If you happen across anything you really like or don’t like, leave me a comment please!

Update: This whole customizable header thingy?  Me likey.  And password protected posts look super easy to do.  I may actually be able to share more of my private life–pictures and stuff–with those of you whom I trust and don’t see all the cool pics already on my other blog.  I’m going to set up a gmail account that doesn’t use my full name as the address and post it in my sidebar so that you guys can e-mail me for the passwords for password protected posts.  I think this is going to be fun!  I’ll probably still play a lot in the next few days, especially with my header, template, and trying out pictures in posts (which will be password protected), but I suspect I’m going to end up here after all.