Morning Sickness Update

I was planning to spend a few minutes bragging about how much better the morning sickness has been over the last week or two, and then this morning I woke up feeling about as bad as it’s ever gotten.  I think it’s a result of too much drainage from allergies, not nearly enough sleep (I was blogsurfing at 3 this morning), and gas left over from last night’s dinner.  It should taper off once my medicine gets a chance to go to work and if I can get another nap this afternoon.  Instead, I’m going to act like everything’s fine and spend the rest of the post with the positive attitude I’d already planned on.

 In the last week or two, the nausea has been getting progressively better.  When I had that day probably close to two weeks ago now when I couldn’t remember whether I’d taken my nausea medicine, I’ve continued with cutting back on the medicine.  I’m down to one pill every twelve hours-ish.  I’m pretty comfortable with that interval, so I’ll probably keep it there for a few more days at least until I feel brave enough to push the medicine back again.  I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be off the medicine altogether before I run out of pills and have to call for a refill.  That’s a reasonable goal, I think.

The headaches continue to plague me, of course, but now that I have a lot of those headache pills, I’m not too worried about them.  I can tolerate them for the half hour to full hour before the medicine kicks in.  As long as I have hope that they won’t last long, they’re not too awful.  I’m still taking much less medicine for each headache than I really can as well.  It’s comforting to know that if they do get any worse, I have more I can do to help them go away.

Oh!  I can’t believe I haven’t mentioned recently how often I’ve felt the baby move lately.  It’s a daily occurrence now.  Sometimes it’s stronger than others, to the point where I still question if that was a gas bubble or a kick every so often, but the stronger movements are happening more frequently.  This is what I love most about pregnancy.

I’ve been showering more like I used to as well.  At the worst points of the morning sickness, I was showering once every three or four days.  I felt disgusting after that first day but was too sick to stand a shower, so I put up with my nasty smell and greasy hair.  Now I am once again able to shower most of the time without gagging on the smells.  I don’t even have to go to great lengths to avoid breathing through my nose or accidentally taste the smells.  Yes, even that was making me puke.  My skin is starting to clear up some from the more frequent bathings, and I feel better overall.  It’s crazy what a difference personal hygeine can make in your attitude.

Okay, quickly about the new blog.  Yes, I am planning to use this one exclusively now.  I will be writing the post on blogger directing everyone here within a few minutes.  If you’re one who made it here that way, welcome.  And yes, the baby in the header is PJ, the first picture I know many of you have seen of him.  I thought it looked generic enough to be safe to use so publicly.  It was taken almost a year and a half ago now, so he doesn’t look anything like that anymore.  I’ll be posting newer pictures of him in a password-protected post shortly, so watch for that if you’re interested.  Don’t worry; I’ll let you know how to get the password before I do.  (I guess I ought to set that up soon, huh?)  Anyway, nothing is solidified about the appearance of the blog yet, so if you see something you like or don’t like, please let me know.  I love feedback!

3 Responses to Morning Sickness Update

  1. Whitney says:

    Glad you like it at WordPress!

  2. heatherflaugh says:

    I’m glad you’re liking it too. I am so glad you’re feeling bette too. Yay for being able to take a shower!!

  3. emmakirsten says:

    I think I may switch to wordpress too, I’m hating blogger these days.

    Hope the nausea leaves you soon.

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