Against my Nature

April 21, 2007

I woke up this morning feeling awful, and my instinct is to complain about it to everyone.  But I’m going to fight that urge.  Here’s a list of everything I’m thankful for this morning:

  • I have reached 18 weeks already.  I’m in that perfect stage when the morning sickness is practically non-existent, the other yucky pregnancy aches and pains are still several months away, and I have just enough of a belly to show off my pregnancy to everyone who sees me.  Oh, and that baby moves all the time, which I just love to feel.
  • I have a wonderful husband who will get up somewhat early on a Saturday morning to feed the boy so that I can sleep just a bit later.  And he doesn’t even mind when I wake him up by shoving him in the shoulder repeatedly.
  • My kid really is cute, with all the toddling and interaction with us.  His tantrums are starting to be more short-lived, too.  Sometimes he will even play happily by himself for twenty minutes or so to give me time to blog in peace.
  • It’s spring.  It’s always a bit easier to be optimistic when the sun is shining and the weather is gloriously warm, isn’t it?
  • We are very financially stable right now, to the point that we can spoil this new baby more than we could with PJ and do it all without hesitation.  I never thought I’d get to the point that I could go shop for a high-cost item like a crib and get whatever I want–and do it on the spur of the moment.
  • My birthday is a week and a half away, Mother’s Day happens shortly after (I think), and our anniversary is days after that.  May should be a profitable month for me! 😛

I’m sure if I kept thinking, I could list many, many more.  Huh.  I feel a little better after seeing just a few of the many things we have going right for us right now.  One bad night’s sleep can’t take that away.  I’m glad I did this instead of complaining (and I bet you are too).