Nerd Alert

April 24, 2007

Those of you who have been reading long enough have probably picked up on the fact that I’m a bit of a nerd.  I’m that girl who graduated early from college with a 4.0 GPA.  I read just about anything for fun.  I actually understand some of the stories my husband tells me about the super-complicated programming he does at work (although that may speak more of his ability to speak “stupid” than my superior intellect).  I actually liked school most of the time, especially math classes.  To add fuel to the fire, I was gung-ho about band.  That’s right; I was a band nerd.  You’d never tell from looking at me now, but my nerdish tendencies continue.  I can remember having a full discussion recently with some of my nerdy friends about exactly what sound the c should take in the word “ancient.”  That led to a consultation with the dictionary that led to a session reading the dictionary.  Something tells me you believe my nerdiness now.

Those nerdish tendencies are what sealed the deal with staying with wordpress.  For you loyal blogger-ites, you might be interested to know that they have an awesome feature called “blog stats.”  It has a graph–yes, a graph, a math nerd’s soft porn–that shows statistics of how many hits the blog has has per day for the last month.  It then breaks down those hits to show where many of them come from and which posts have gotten the most hits each day.  You can even click on one post to find out how popular it’s been each day since it was posted.  To you, this may sound boring, but I get excited just thinking about it.  I’ve been stalking this page to watch my stats change numerous times daily.

Here are a couple of interesting things I’ve noticed:

  1. My blog doesn’t get too many googlers.  I’m sorry, however, to that parent of the toddler with diarrhea that I didn’t have any helpful information for you.
  2. My blog is more popular than I realized.  I’m averaging between 30 and 50 hits per day, not counting the zillion times I check it myself.
  3. My blog is the featured blog under the category “morning sickness.”  I’m not sure that’s something to be proud of.
  4. I get numerous hits from several of your websites each day.  Thank you for sending people my way (or helping my stats by obsessively checking blogs the way I do).
  5. I’m still getting the most hits from the old Afterthoughts.  Update your blogrolls already, people!
  6. My best day so far coincides with the day I posted those pictures.  You know which ones I’m talking about.
  7. Since posting those pictures, that has continued to be the most popular post every day.  Only five of you have the password, so I’m kind of curious about why it’s continuing to get that many hits.  I’m going to convince myself that you five keep looking at the pictures because you’re mesmerized by them; you’re baffled by my bravery and beauty and are trying to convince yourselves that you can do the same.  Any other ideas I’ve come up with seem creepy, so I’m going to stick with my own explanation.  (By the way, if you do try similar pictures, I’d be interested in seeing how they turn out.)
  8. Well, I guess there isn’t a eighth observation right now.  I was really trying to find a subtle way to thank all of you for visiting my blog.  I’m able to tell by which websites direct traffic here every day who typically reads on a daily basis.  Thanks to you guys especially.  This was also a subtle way of mentioning those pictures again, partly to extract an explanation for the repeated visits and also to encourage you to ask for the password if you’re curious what I’m talking about.  (Seriously, just ask!  The idea is not to exclude anyone who’s a regular reader but to keep random people from seeing private family photos.)