Leave Your Brains Behind

Sometimes I just get into a mode where I think–a lot, all the time.  I think you can tell when those periods hit by the posts I write.  They’re the more introspective or thought-provoking ones.  Then other times I get into a phase where someone flipped the off switch on my brain.  All I can think to blog about are the events in my life, plainly stated with no analysis involved.  I feel boring when I write those kinds of posts, but I feel like I’m cheating you if I neglect the daily minutae by delving into one otherwise insignificant event each day.  So today, partly because I’m too tired to think and partly because stuff has happened that I haven’t told you, I’m backing off from the deep posts for at least today.

Yesterday I took PJ grocery shopping during the day.  Usually we save that task for M to do when he gets home so that I don’t have to get ready for the day by any specific time.  Yesterday, though, PJ was anxious to get out of the house, so we took the lengthy list to do Daddy’s chore for him.  I felt like quite the experienced mom, out doing such housewife-y errands with my little kid in the front of the cart with me.  That feeling only multiplied when I reacted to PJ’s tantrums in the store with nonchalance.  It wasn’t that long ago when a crying spell like that would have embarrassed me to no end and quite possibly rushed me out of the store before my errands were finished.  I think I’m growing up in this whole mom thing!

Today didn’t go so well.  I took about three steps backward with the morning sickness.  I narrowly–very, very narrowly–avoided getting sick this morning.  I’m glad I still have plenty of those meds left.  Even then, they didn’t get rid of the nausea altogether.  Now that I think about it, though, (oops, I thought) the nausea may have been the first warning of the migraine that hit later in the afternoon.  My headache meds made me super drowsy instead of waking me up like usual, too.  I’m glad PJ also had a sleepy day so that I could get a decent nap.  I have felt quite a bit better since waking up.

I have a zillion PJ stories to tell, mostly on the other blog so that the grandmas can read about them, and I can’t find the motivation to tell them.  I feel like I’m neglecting the other blog right now and that my regular readers, especially the family, will feel like I’ve abandoned them.  If I can’t find the motivation, though, I can’t blog.  Oh, well.

My right knee has been killing me.  Whenever I kneel down, say to change a diaper, the tiniest bit of pressure against my knee sends shooting pains all through it.  It’s getting really annoying and a little bit worrisome.  Last night’s, uh, “adult activity” was interesting trying to work around the handicap.  I think our inability to avoid the pain altogether is what has made the knee worse today.  It’s totally worth it, though.  This is one part of pregnancy I certainly love.  I feel like a horny teenage boy nearly all day every day these days.  M seems to like it too. 🙂

2 Responses to Leave Your Brains Behind

  1. Lizzy says:

    You gotta bottle that shiz, girl!

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