Cool Pregnancy Talk

April 27, 2007

So this totally doesn’t fit with the title, but I feel the need to follow up from yesterday first.  Did you know that yesterday’s drama actually got me my record number of hits, even more than the pictures that started the whole drama?  The trend is continuing today, too.  Thanks for your support and your patience as I deal with all of this.  Also, I had a “d’oh” moment last night when I was trying to sleep.  Duh, why don’t I give you my flickr address so that all you have to do is click it then my profile to add me to your contacts (once you’re logged in or signed up of course).  Here it is: my flickr address.  Or if you’d rather, you can send me your own flickr address through e-mail and I can add you instead.  I’m planning to start adding and re-adding pictures through flickr later today.

Now for the cool stuff.  Baby is getting super active.  S/he is liable to start kicking me any time of day now, not just when I’m lying down at night before sleep right after my nightly milk and cookies.  I think all of the movement could be related to the kid’s apparent sweet tooth.  S/he has me eating cookies and ice cream and sugar of any kind all day long.  With PJ it was a better balance of sweet and salty, so this is kind of fun.  I love having an excuse to eat junk!

Despite all the junk I’m eating, though, I’m still not really gaining weight.  I feel victorious every time I step on the scale to discover I’ve gained another half a pound.  I’m currently a mere two pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, which is a gain of about five pounds from my lowest weight.  The doctor doesn’t seem concerned about my weight at all, so I’m not worrying either.  I keep reminding myself how easy it will be to lose the pregnancy weight after if I hardly gain anything.  I just can’t figure out how my weight is being re-proportioned.  I don’t feel like I’m losing anywhere; my belly and boobs just keep getting bigger without sucking fat from anywhere else.  I don’t get it.  Not that I’m complaining!

The Braxton-Hicks I mentioned feeling for the first time last week have continued sporadically.  I read shortly after the initial panic that they usually start around twenty weeks, or earlier for a second pregnancy or a small-framed woman.  I’m both, so it’s completely normal.  I’m just crazy paranoid about contractions after my experience last time.  I worry every time I get a B-H, and if two occur close together, I make a point to lie down and relax with a bottle of water.  It’s a good excuse to take things easy for a little while anyway.  If they keep happening as frequently as they have for the past week, I’m going to drive my doctor crazy with calls to her worried I’m in early labor.  I’m not making the same mistake I did last time.  (By the way, it came to my attention last night that I’ve never explained what happened in my last pregnancy to make PJ come early.  I’ll tell it sometime this weekend or early next week probably.  That might clear up what I keep referring to.)

The coolest pregnancy news is what happens on Tuesday.  That’s our day for the BIG sonogram.  I’ve been counting down the days for a week or so now (four left!).  I can’t wait, not only to find out hopefully that everything is normal still, but also the gender.  I feel like I’m at an intersection of two roads, one paved with trucks, mud, and frogs in the laundry, and the other with glitter, bows, and kitty cats (okay, ignore the disgusting part of that statement).  I know which path I hope I get to walk down, but I’ve come to accept either happily.  I’m just anxious to know which path I’ll be taking and maybe even start walking down it just a little.  I just hope each path means what I think it means, because otherwise I have a much longer path to acceptance than I ever expected to take!

I could write a whole post about my excitement over that sonogram on Tuesday and my hopes and dreams and possible disappointment if Baby doesn’t cooperate.  As long as I have other things to talk about, though, I’ll spare you.  And you know I’ll let you know what we find out as soon as I get a chance after the procedure on Tuesday.