Spring Cleaning

April 28, 2007

Guess what we’ve been doing today?  Since most of you are smart enough to read the title first, you’ve probably already figured it out.  I’ll call it spring cleaning, but I have a sneaking suspicion both M and I are nesting.

It all started when I woke up to discover M was vacuuming.  This is not unusual; he often vacuums on weekends since that’s too big a chore for me to try right now.  While he was vacuuming, we realized how dirty the floors were, so we decided to move the furniture to vacuum under it.  And while it was already moved, why not rearrange the living furniture to make it more PJ-proof?  So we did.

That led to moving the books into our room, the last step of our PJ-proofing plan for the living room.  We were left with an empty wall, so we had to put up the pictures we’d been accumulating for ages and didn’t have a good place for.  And while we had the nails and tools out, we thought it was appropriate to put up the shelves we bought for PJ’s room a month or two ago.  That was a task we’d been putting off for a long time because of how complicated it was going to be.  We had to find a time when a) we were both motivated to do it, b) PJ was awake, c) M was home, and d) I was feeling good enough to keep an eye on PJ and give M a helping hand.  It takes a long time for the stars to align just right for all four criteria to fall into place.  That finally happened today.

Now I want to find the cool decorative stuff I want to put on the shelves.  It would be easier if I knew who this new baby was going to be (we have one shelf for each kid), but I think we’re going to go out tonight to find something more generic to start out with.  Getting the shelves up makes me anxious to get the room completed as well.  It’s way too empty at the moment. 

M and I actually discussed the possibility of getting the new baby’s crib soon to finish the room, but we decided it was best to wait.  We’re both having difficulties doing anything permanent for this baby yet.  We are both afraid that something is still going to happen to keep this baby from making it.  I guess PJ’s premature birth was a reality check.  Before, we had assumed from the first positive pregnancy test that we would be taking a baby home with us.  Now we know there are no guarantees.  I know it’s stupid to be so scared about it that I’m halfway through my pregnancy without one thing bought for this baby, but I feel like I’ll be jinxing things if I start acting like I’m sure everything will be fine.

Irrational fears…I could go into a whole post on those alone.  At least I know it’s irrational, right?