It’s begun, if only barely.  The state of filth into which I have let the house fall is starting to drive me nuts.  M is doing what he can to help when he can, but he works all day long.  He keeps up with the bare minimum most days, and I’ve been ignoring everything else since I was too sick to take care of it for so long.  Now that I can, though, some of the neglected areas are standing out to me like neon lights.  I can no longer ignore them.  I’m careful of course.  I set a few reasonable goals to get done each day, knowing that the next area can wait one more day if it’s waited this long already.  I guess it’s nesting in spurts.

I’m big time nesting in respect to the nursery, though.  I got a brainstorm the other day (okay, prompted by something my mom said and then M repeated later) and came up with a great theme for the nursery that will be easy to incorporate PJ’s toddler boy side into as well as a gender non-specific baby.  The best part is that it kisses up to both moms beautifully.

Early in my pregnancy with PJ, my mom decided to do one big craft for him.  She cross-stitched a gorgeous quilt (based on a kit), and it took her about a year and a half.  We finally got the completed quilt earlier this year.  It is a picture of a teddy bear and an angel and incorporates every main baby color.  We’re going to use this quilt as the central theme of the nursery, since it’s too special to actually use anyway and there’s no way my mom is making another for the new baby.  The idea is also great because my MIL is obsessed with angels.  She gave us a special angel figurine especially for PJ when we were pregnant, and I expect her to do the same for this one.  We can use those figurines to help decorate.

I can picture almost every part of the nursery around this theme.  I know what color I want PJ’s bedding, the crib bedding, the valance, the rug (I think we’re getting one this time), and even what I want on the empty shelves we put up the other weekend.  The only thing I don’t know is what other stuff to put on the walls.  I’m definitely not good with that sort of thing.  I’ve even found what I think I want for every detail of the room online.  I’m anxious now to go buy it all and set up the room.  I’m forcing myself to be patient, though, because I know M isn’t mentally prepared to spend that much money or get that much set up for the new baby.  One thing at a time…

On the pregnancy front, I’ve noticed changes in my belly over the last few days.  It feels bigger to me, even though I still haven’t gained much weight and it doesn’t look any bigger in the mirror.  The difference is that the belly is hardening; it no longer has that mushy part on top with the hard uterus staying super low.  I’m starting to feel like I’m in the later part of pregnancy at last.  Actually, technically I am in the second half of pregnancy.  According to Tuesday’s sonogram’s estimated due date, I am anywhere from a day to six days farther along than I’d been told early on.  That means I am somewhere in my twentieth week already.  And considering it will be a miracle if I make it to 38 weeks, much less 40, I am definitely past the halfway point already.  As long as that morning sickness made the first trimester and the first part of the second, suddenly it feels like the pregnancy is flying by.  These past few weeks have passed without hardly even noticing it.  It’s tough finding the right balance of cherishing these fun parts of being pregnant while still focusing on the goal, anticipating actually having the baby here.  Oh, and not to mention giving PJ the proper level of attention.  Being a mom of two is already tough, and I still have only one bottom to clean each day!


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