Miracles Do Happen

May 10, 2007

I had my twenty-week check-up today (even though it was confirmed that I am really twenty-one weeks already).  I didn’t realize how nervous I was about the appointment until shortly before we left when my tummy went into nervous tummy mode big time.  I wasn’t worried about what the doctor would say, however, but more how I would handle PJ alone for the first time at one of these appointments.  Every other time, something has happened at the last minute so that I had company, and most importantly help with PJ.  Last time, even with both M and me trying everything we could think of to keep him occupied, PJ still continued to fuss and squirm and generally be a nuisance.  I had a headache from it and was so frustrated that I’d been dreading today ever since.

And then a miracle descended on PJ on the way into the office.  He’d been randomly fussy all morning, like he desperately needed a nap, but wouldn’t take one when I tried to put him down for one before lunch.  I could just see him screaming through the entire hour (or three) we ended up there.  But nope, he decided to transform into Prince Charming for all the women in the office.  He flirted, ate Cheerios, played with the Cheerio bowl, and babbled on in that adorable way of his.  Even when I was engaged in conversation with the doctor, he was content to sit quietly while playing with his Cheerio bowl or sippy cup.  At this point, he was over an hour late for his usual naptime, never mind that he’d needed a nap all morning too.  I kept waiting to wake up and find out it had all been a dream.

Now he’s napping happily while I search for creative ways to reward him for his wonderful behavior.  I’m thinking the boy who rarely gets chocolate might get a good chunk of the last piece of birthday cake.  I don’t care about the mess or how hyper it makes him; he deserves it.

As far as the appointment itself, it went pretty well.  It’s unlikely I’ll get sent for another ultrasound, but the doctor will consider it if our insurance will cover it.  Otherwise, she’s quite supportive of the 3D ultrasound idea (and oh, yeah, my MIL already offered to help with the cost of one if that was our only way to find out the gender for sure).  I will start progesterone shots at my next appointment and continue until at least 36 weeks (let’s hope I make it that far).  We have the option of administering the shots at home, so we’ll have to see whether my squeamish husband thinks he can handle that for me.  The other option is to take one shot to the doctor with me each week to have a nurse do it for me.  A nuisance, but worth it if it keeps this baby in me longer.

The doctor thinks it’s most likely that the recent ickiness is probably normal pregnancy annoyances.  She admits I might have a bit of a bug, but it doesn’t seem too bad and should go away on its own.  Because of my history, though, she agreed it would be a good idea to have my pee tested to make sure I don’t have another UTI.  Preliminary tests say that’s not likely, thank goodness.  Unfortunately, that means we get to just wait for whatever it is to run its course.  Sigh.  At least I’m feeling a little better again today.  Maybe by the weekend I’ll be my old self again, able to celebrate Mother’s Day like a normal mommy.