Looking for Advice

May 15, 2007

I am still solidly in a nesting phase, but what with feeling awful lately, it has looked more like a lazy nesting phase than anything.  The other day when I was nesting by looking at baby stuff online, I decided to start listing all the baby items I thought we needed to replace or get more of before this one is born.  Fortunately that list is pretty short.  The other list I made isn’t so short, though: the “wants” list.

I feel like as an experienced mom giving it another try, I can use my wisdom from going through this once to make my experience even better the second time around.  I’ve been evaluating all the baby stuff we got for PJ that worked great and what didn’t work so well.  I’m trying to remember that certain things may have worked or not worked partly because of his special needs when he was so tiny, like onesies that buttoned down the front to allow room for the cords from his apnea monitor or the awful swing that made him spit up because of his reflux.  Or pumping exclusively for the first five weeks of his life and several times a day for months after–without an electronic pump.

Out of these evaluations, I have developed my wants list.  This is where you guys come in.  I may have figured out what didn’t work last time and could stand to be replaced, but I don’t know what does work.  I’ve been looking online and found some pretty well-recommended items, but nothing compares to personal advice.  If you particularly liked what you used for any of the following items, could you let me know what you had and why you liked it?

I’m looking at replacing our:

  • breast pump–for an electronic one
  • baby swing
  • diaper bag–need something that accommodates both toddler and newborn stuff
  • Baby Bjorn carrier for some sort of baby sling–This is what I want the most advice on.  I feel totally out of my element here.  Baby slings always felt so “hippie mom” to me, and I’m anything but.  I feel weird venturing into hippie mom territory when I still refuse to co-sleep or make my own baby food out of all organic food, but I have a feeling carrying this baby in a sling will make my life a lot easier when I’m chasing a toddler at the same time.  (By the way, kidding about the hippie mom stuff–or at least exaggerating it.)

So what advice can you guys give me?  I’ll even take stories about what didn’t work for you so that I know what not to seriously consider.  And do you have any suggestions for must-have baby products that I haven’t listed?