The Weekend Quest

Sorry I took the weekend off from blogging.  I just needed a break, was too busy anyway, and hey, it was the weekend so nobody was reading anyway.  But I’m back now and raring to go.

 Friday night I was feeling considerably better, so M and I went out to eat for our belated anniversary dinner.  While there, we tentatively made plans for Saturday if I continued to feel well.  I did, thank goodness.  I was actually eager to get out of the house again.  We decided that when PJ woke up from his afternoon nap, we’d trek across town to the one store we knew of that sold our brand of crib so we could price a similar crib for the new baby.  While across town, we might walk the mall or find something else to do in that area since I used to live there.

Of course, PJ woke up from his nap incredibly late, and it took us a few minutes to get ready to go.  Our fast route to the other area of town was marred by construction and an accident in the construction area (huge mess).  By the time we pulled into the parking lot in front of the store, it was after 6:00.  We suddenly had the thought that this was the kind of tiny, weird store that might close early on a Saturday.  Sure enough, it was closed.  They’d actually closed at 5:00, though, so we never had a chance of making it.  (Seriously, who closes at 5:00 on a Saturday in a huge commercial area?)

Frustrated but unwilling to let our trek become a total waste, we decided to walk the nearby mall to find some new maternity clothes.  It turns out that they’ve added tons of shops around my old familiar mall and changed all the parking, and most of the decent shops are moving from the mall itself to the area around the mall.  It was a total bust; there wasn’t even a maternity clothes store.  Tired and frustrated, we turned around and headed home as fast as possible with nothing to show for our efforts.

When I still felt great yesterday, we decided to continue our quest.  M found another store in another area of the city that sells this brand of crib, so we made plans to head there.  We both got up before PJ, oddly enough, and got ready for the day before noon.  We checked this store’s hours before leaving and knew they should be open if we got there early afternoon.  It turns out that this trip was much easier and actually closer.  The store was bigger and nicer and happened to be having a big sale.  We found a crib of the same brand but not the exact same crib that is actually half the price.  It should coordinate nicely with PJ’s crib.  M’s parents are checking with a place near where they live that gave us a good deal on PJ’s nursery furniture, but if they can’t beat this price, we’ll be headed back to this store later this week to buy it.  I guess this is one thing partially crossed off my list.

As far as baby is concerned, several big changes have happened this weekend.  For one, I have definitely “popped.”  I may only be five months pregnant, but I feel like I’m in my third trimester.  The belly is huge and tight and awkward-feeling.  I have to be careful how I sit and how I stand up or even roll over in bed.  Every day my belly button gets a little more shallow, and I expect it to disappear in the next couple of weeks.  It never went away altogether with PJ.  M debates with me daily about whether I ever got this big with PJ.  I keep telling I must have if i was nine weeks father along when he was born, but I’m starting to think it’s getting pretty close.  My legs have started swelling if I stand or sit upright too long.  I can feel feet and elbows all over the belly, not just below the belly button like I had recently.  Oh, and in the moments I feel particularly big, I’ve started walking in that familiar pregnancy waddle.  I have a feeling that this is going to be a very long third trimester if I’m already this uncomfortable and a full month away from the third trimester.  I may need some reminders over the next few months that I’m doing everything I can to prevent a premature birth, because I’m probably going to wish I could have one by the time I hit thirty weeks.

Update: We have a crib, sort of.  M’s mom called him right after lunch to tell us the guy she knew couldn’t get us a better deal on the crib; it would cost him more to get it than we would pay for it at this place.  I called, and sure enough, they would take purchases over the phone.  They have a great return policy if we change our minds, too.  It’s really a fantastic deal and a fantastic place.  I’m thoroughly pleased, even if we don’t quite have the crib at home and set up yet.  It’s officially ours either way!


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