Just News

May 24, 2007

Sorry, nothing sweet or hilarious to be found here today.  It’s just stuff you probably need to know so you don’t all panic if I start blogging sporadically this weekend.  For all of you Americans reading, you may possibly be aware that this weekend is Memorial Day weekend, including a national holiday on Monday giving us a three-day weekend to start the summer.  If you don’t know that, then crawl out from under that rock already!  M and I are celebrating this patriotic weekend by finally visiting my parents and getting an ultrasound.  I’m not exactly sure how that’s patriotic, but whatever.

Anyway, we’re leaving tomorrow afternoon, hopefully shortly after lunch.  I will likely be busy packing all morning, so blogging before we leave may not happen.  I’ll attempt to blog sometime between the time we get there and the time I go to bed, but remember that nobody in my family other than M knows about the blog, so I can’t exactly do that publicly.  Blogging will only happen when I can sneak away with the laptop without looking suspicious.  I know I can always “go take a nap” (thanks Baby for giving me that excuse), but who naps with their laptop, even if it is the treasured birthday/anniversary/Mother’s Day gift?  Creepy.  Even M doesn’t love technology that much.

Still, I will make an effort to blog at least a quick blurb on Saturday when we get home from the sonogram.  It’s at 2:30, central time, and you can factor in at least half an hour travel time before I make it back home.  I also figure the grandmas (yes, both will be there) will want to take me shopping ASAP to buy gender-specific baby stuff just because they can.  I figure the soonest I’ll be able to blog will be 3:30 central time, but it’s much more likely I won’t get to it until much later in the evening.  I don’t mind if you check repeatedly all afternoon to see if I have any news (my blog stats will love it, actually), but I may have to keep you waiting for a while.  Sorry.

We’ll be back sometime on Monday, probably late afternoon.  If I haven’t blogged recently, that’s when you can expect more frequent posts again.

Briefly about the ultrasound…I am starting to be more excited that all the family will be there for it than what we might find out.  I think I might just have come to terms with the idea of having another boy.  Yes, I still want a girl, but my gut still says boy and I’m finally ready to accept that fact.  As long as it’s healthy and obedient (i.e. not deciding to come early), I don’t care.  And if it’s a boy, then we will have the only grandsons on both sides of the family, which should bring some spoilage.  PJ will have someone to play with at family functions who isn’t afraid to get their pretty dresses dirty.  It will also give me the loophole to get M to consider having a third, if indeed I decide to brave this minefield known as pregnancy again.  So having a boy wouldn’t be so bad necessarily.  I don’t think I’ll cringe if the tech finds a “deedle” this time; I’ll leave that for my MIL.