Runaway Train of Thought

We’re home.  I’m fighting a low laptop battery, exhaustion, and allergy eyes, so I’m not writing much tonight.  My goal for tomorrow is to get our ultrasound pictures uploaded to flickr for all of you.  The 3D ones aren’t great, but you can actually see the face, not just an alien-looking outline like in the first sonogram.  We’ve decided on a name, we think, but we’re coming up with some back-ups just in case my dream from a few nights ago comes true, where he doesn’t look at all like said name.  I’ll call him BabyN on here.  If you want the real name (and don’t read the family blog), e-mail me and I’ll be glad to send it on.  I just don’t want it google-able.  He’s kicking up a storm tonight.  I think he’s as glad to be home as the rest of us.

I have all sorts of PJ stories that need to be recorded soon, but I’ll probably do that tomorrow on the family blog.  He grew up this weekend.  He left as a young toddler and has come back a young pre-schooler.  It’s crazy.  I think it’s mostly the big boy haircut he got (I’ll have to remember to upload a picture for you) yesterday, but he had fun showing off for all the family as well.  His vocabulary virtually doubled in the last three days.  He thrives on all that attention and simply being around new people.  I guess we need to come out of our shells more and make friends to hang out with–for PJ’s sake as much as our own.  Speaking of that, though, the people who watched PJ during that first ultrasound are in need of a baby-sitter for tomorrow night for their two-month-old daughter.  I’m so glad we get to return the favor!  I’m going to have so much fun reminding myself how to care for a newborn, especially with a toddler around.  Besides, she’s such a cutie.  I think we might just end up as decent friends with these people.  If you remember, these are the people who took the dog off our hands back in January; they are actually taking her to obedience school tomorrow night.  It does only seem fair for us to baby-sit for them since it’s our fault they have to go in the first place, doesn’t it?

Ugh, sorry for all the rambling.  My mind is racing, and I’m unable to control it.  I’ll stop here and try to come up with something a little more coherent and littered with pictures for tomorrow.  I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day.

2 Responses to Runaway Train of Thought

  1. Emily says:

    Hmmm…BabyN. Nicholas? Noah? Norman? Nalooga? kidding. I give up! What’s the name?

  2. Liz says:

    BabyN? Okay, I want to know! Email me!

    Welcome home and it sounds great that you’ll get to babysit such a tiny, delicious girl tonight…

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