Feast for the Eyes

May 29, 2007

Okay, let’s shoot for coherent today, contrary to last night’s post.  Before I get to the highly-anticipated ultrasound photos, I have to share with you how my morning went.  I woke up several hours earlier than normal to intense, shooting pains in my belly.  Before I could panic that something was wrong with BabyN, I quickly felt some lower belly rumblings that convinced me I was feeling the worst gas of my life.  I could barely move.  Breathing only intensified the pain.  I managed to stumble into the bathroom to find our stash of Gas-X and take one, but before it could kick in I got to experience the most excruciating pain of my life.  I was writhing in bed, moaning in pain, broken out in a cold sweat, and praying for death.  And I’m only slightly exaggerating.  In all truth, I was looking fondly back to labor, thinking I would gladly go through that five times over than ever have to feel that kind of pain again.  I called M halfway through the morning to let him know how I felt and that if it didn’t get better, I might need him to come home to care for PJ when he woke up (he blissfully slept very late this morning).  M had been having uncomfortable gas, too, so I’m positive that’s all it was.  Thank goodness it has finally eased up now.  I wish I knew what had caused it, though, because I will avoid that food for the rest of my life if I need to to avoid ever feeling like that again.

On the bright side, I uploaded a few pictures to flickr, as promised.  Here’s the best 3D ultrasound picture of BabyN’s face.  They all still look alien-ish, thanks to his early age, but they should look much more realistic and defined if we make it back there next month.  It’s still cool to see the baby’s face, though, even if he looks more like E.T. than his daddy right now.  And here’s proof that he’s a boy.  Look where the tiny arrow is pointing.  I doubt any of us have any doubts about this shot like that last one.

I downloaded all the pictures from the weekend as well and found some of my favorites.  I’ll save the family ones for the family blog, since they’re most likely the only ones who really care about them anyway, but here’s one of PJ with his new big boy haircut, as I promised last night.  He looks like a tiny miniature pre-schooler, not just an overgrown baby.  It’s amazing the difference one haircut can make.

My mom took some belly pictures before we left yesterday, and I’m hoping to persuade M to take some of me with make-up on later this week.  I’ll post the best of those as soon as they get taken.  I’ve definitely gotten bigger.  My belly button is barely there anymore, and rolling over and getting out of a reclining position have gotten nearly impossible.  I’m goiing to look awfully funny in another three or four months at full-term when I truly am all belly.  Those should make for some interesting pictures, if I can even still stand up at that point.