Could I Be a Hippie Mom?

The more plans I make for this baby, the more I realize I really do have a touch of that hippie mom in me.  Remember when I mentioned her several weeks back?  I felt bad for making the comment, even in jest, because I didn’t want to unintentionally offend anyone.  But I think we all have basic ideas of what this hippie mom looks like and how her parenting style differs from the stereotypical suburban mom’s.  Since it’s kind of important in my point of the post, here are a few of the hippie mom’s stereotypical qualities, at least in my mind:

  • adamant about natural birth, to the point of using midwives, doulas, water births (at home, of course), and the like
  • a breastfeeding activist, of course
  • insists upon co-sleeping and family beds
  • cloth diapers–disposable are bad for the environment
  • make their own baby food, most likely all organic
  • baby-wearing in some sort of sling

Have I forgotten any?  When I look at my list, I realize that my own mother fits at least a few qualities of a hippie mom.  She delivered four children without any drugs–not because she wanted a natural experience, though, but because drugs weren’t an option then.  She used cloth diapers–because they were cheaper at the time.  She made most of her own baby food–because Gerber’s wasn’t as readily available and was more expensive.  And of course she breastfed, but she wasn’t a member of LLL or anything like that.  My mom did all these things because they made more sense to her, not because she was trying to make a statement with her actions.

As time goes on, I find myself conforming more to the hippie mom than the suburban mom as well.  I would love to have a completely natural birth.  I’d even love to do it at home, but I know my previous complications will prevent that from ever happening.  I will breastfeed again.  I’m hoping the baby sling works out so that I can “wear” this baby.  A part of me wishes I could make my own baby food, too, although I highly doubt that ever happens (ever eaten my cooking? don’t). 

Again, though, while my actions make me feel like a hippie mom, I know in all truth that I don’t have the right attitude to fall under that hippie mom stereotype.  In fact, I’m much more likely a suburban mom at heart, driving my kids around to soccer practice and Girl Scouts (ok…Boy Scouts) in my mini-van equipped with the DVD player.  Just because I happen to breastfeed and own a baby sling will not change who I am at heart.  And you know what’s sad?  Despite how it sounds when I talk about this hippie mom, I almost wish I could be her.  I’m much more critical of the stereotypical suburban mom who plans her C-section weeks in advance, buys the best and most advanced formula to feed baby, owns stock in Gerber’s and Pampers, never leaves her mini-van, and depends on the best in technology to care for her children.  Even if that’s me.

3 Responses to Could I Be a Hippie Mom?

  1. Liz says:

    I’m a hippie mom.

    I carried (carry) Henry in a sling, I didn’t put shoes on him until he was walking outdoors, we don’t watch television, I made all his baby food (organic, too!).

    But, I took drugs during delivery–in a hospital!–and wound up with a C-section following my induction. Henry wears disposable diapers…because? Eww. I have enough laundry to wash. We supplemented with formula from about 4 weeks because I had such a hard time nursing.

    I think the “hippie mom” is more of a mentality than anything. It’s values or parenting styles or whatever. I’m a bit of an urban hippie, and I’m fine with that. I’m all about being practical and making the best decisions for myself and my family. I eat processed foods and wear leather and drive an SUV when we can borrow one. But I also walk and take public transportation and let the water run when I brush my teeth (I KNOW!)

  2. Chas says:

    I’m with you on this. I breastfeed, I slept with my baby until she was a year old, I even own a sling…but I do it b/c it works for us, not to make a statement. Who cares what anyone else does? Who cares if anyone else knows or likes what you do?? What does that make me??? I loved my OB. I loved my nurses in the hospital. And I LOVED my ultrasounds!! If I hadn’t had those I’d have never known I lost a twin, and my surviving daughter probably wouldn’t have made it either. I guess we’re all somewhere in the middle

  3. Sidra says:

    I’m only 13, but my mom was a hippie mom. I was born in our living room (in the water! with a doula, and a midwife!) We had a family bed till i was five, and it was all organic until about the time i started school, plus i don’t think i had cow milk till about then too. I was worn in a sling, and my family still carries the values. Even now as a young teen i am an activist for (but not just for) breast-feeding rights. I also recently became a vegetarian, lol!
    When i graduate college and get married, etc., i plan to raise my children very similarly.

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