Bye-Bye Milestone #1

June 2, 2007

I’ve been debating saying anything in case it would jinx things, but this past week I passed my first big milestone of the pregnancy.  For most women that would be the end of the morning sickness (although I did celebrate that) or the start of the second trimester when miscarriage risks drop significantly.  For me, that big milestone was the 24-week mark.

 Why?  Twenty-four weeks typically marks the point of viability, that time when this baby actually has a chance of surviving outside the womb.  I’m so incredibly paranoid about pre-term labor happening again that I’m actually celebrating the fact that if anything should happen in the coming weeks, BabyN has a shot at making it.

For the record, I’m still hoping and praying that BabyN doesn’t try to test out the odds of how a 24-weeker would do…or a 25, 26, or even 30-weeker.  They’re really pretty awful at this point, but at least there is a possibility of a baby now, not a stillbirth.  The last few weeks have been nearly torturous as I’ve seen this milestone looming; I was terrified I wouldn’t quite make it and BabyN would come a week or two too early to even try keeping him alive after birth.  I feel a sense of relief that we have made it.

Now I’m focusing my eyes on the next big milestone: 32 weeks.  That will be one day longer than PJ made it in me.  I know PJ beat the odds with how well he thrived in the weeks after birth, and I don’t want to subject another of my children to those odds.  But anything past where PJ made it will be uncharted territory for me and will give BabyN a slightly better chance to do even better.

After that, it’s 36 weeks.  From my experiences and research I’ve done since PJ, I know that even though that’s not technically full-term, there’s a pretty good chance I would get the “normal” baby experience at that point–baby staying in the room with me from the start.  Even 35-weekers usually go to the NICU for a check-up or a short (few days) stay.  I’d be content making it that far, but I’m shooting for 36 weeks.

By the way, after all this worry, can’t you just see me going past my due date and needing to be induced?  I’m so expecting this baby by early September at the latest that I don’t know what I’d do if I saw October looming ahead with no baby yet.

Speaking of avoiding pre-term labor, though, I’ve started looking into getting those shots that I’m supposed to start taking at my appointment on Thursday.  We can’t find any pharmacy that will fill the order, even the ones specifically recommended by my ob/gyn because they had filled them before.  I’m beginning to worry about what we try next.  I guess I’ll be calling my doctor on Monday to see what strings they can pull.  Surely I should be able to get them somewhere if they’re so necessary for me to take.