Could It Be?

June 3, 2007

I’m afraid to say it, but I think we may have actually made…gasp…friends!  Those people who took our puppy that we couldn’t handle when I started getting so sick?  The people who watched PJ during the first ultrasound?  Whose little girl we watched this last week?  Yeah, them.  We hung out again this afternoon.  We needed someone with a truck to help us haul the new crib home, and when M mentioned the problem at work, this co-worker volunteered to do it.  So M and the co-worker went to the baby store to get the crib while us wimmen-folk stayed home with the babies.

It was fun talking to another mom, especially a fairly new mom (3-month-old, remember?).  I’m in a weird position right now, as I’m about to become a new mom myself, so I have some of the same fears and worries she’s acquainted with.  On the other hand, I’ve also already been through all that before, so I’m an experienced mom to help her out at the same time.  I spent all afternoon wavering between wanting to give advice and ask for it.

It’s also kind of weird that we’re bonding with this couple in particular.  While they are in the same stage of life we are in one sense, with a new baby and just starting a family, they are much older than either of us.  She would mention a parent with Alzheimer’s and I’d be thinking of a grandparent the same age with the same problem.  She mentioned a niece, and I’d picture a cute little baby (like the nieces I will soon have) until she mentioned her age–28.  That’s my age!  It feels weird to befriend someone with a kid the same age as mine who is from an entirely different generation.  I guess I shouldn’t be surprised, though; other than remnants from high school and college, the only friends I’ve made in the last five years have been closer to my mother’s age than my own.  Is that a good thing or a bad thing that I get along with older people much better than people who would typically be considered my peers?

On the bright side, it feels much more real that we’re going to be having another baby now that we have the pieces of a crib holding up one wall of our living room.  Later this week we should be getting the bedding set and room decorations as well.  Our house is going to look ready for a baby long before he ever arrives (hopefully).  All of this baby stuff is getting me more and more excited about having another.  Hurry up, September!