Move Along…Nothing to See Here

June 4, 2007

Man are my blog stats down today.  I wish I had something absolutely hilarious, thrilling, or deep to write today to work on those blog stats, but alas, I have nothing.  PJ woke up early today because he’s sick (just allergies, but to the kid who’s never been sick, he might as well be dying), which means I woke up early with him.  It’s been an exhausting day already, and we barely finished lunch.

 And goody for us, we have a busy afternoon planned, too.  If PJ will allow me (read: doesn’t cry non-stop all afternoon like he did this morning), we get to head to a new area of town in search of a specialist pharmacy.  I called my doctor about the progesterone shots this morning, and the nurse I talked to suggested I try calling the pharmacy they usually recommend for these exact shots one more time before giving up.  I did, and the person I talked to said they would have the prescription filled in no more than two days.  They might even have it in stock.  How come nobody at all, even M’s cousin who just finished pharmacy school, knew what we were talking about the other day?  Were we stuttering or something?  I know I said the exact same thing today, and it was treated as though it was nearly as common as penicillin.  Whatever.  At least I called on the idiots’ day off.

Anyway…so the whole point is that I need to go find this one pharmacy this afternoon to take them my prescription so that I can hopefully get it back before my appointment on Thursday.  And I get to do all of this with a sick and fussy toddler in tow.  Yippee.  I have a fun day ahead of me.  I hope PJ ends up sleeping all afternoon to make up for his rough night of sleep last night so that I can pass this responsibility off to M.  I wouldn’t dare do so unless it was necessary, but we both agreed that taking care of our sick kid came first.  There’s nothing wrong in hoping things work out for me to have a lazy day, is there?