Identity Crisis

June 5, 2007

Nope, not me this time.  I vaguely remember writing about my own ages ago, and I’m not particularly in the mood to rehash that old territory.  Actually, it’s my belly button that’s having the identity crisis this time.

 Until recently, it has always been an innie, a deep innie, and it was proud of that fact.  It may have been stretched some when I was pregnant with PJ, but not once did it consider trying anything other than being an innie.  This time around, it is being given no choice.  It has stretched about as far as it can, and now it is being forced to decide what it wants to do.  Although it is still stubbornly clnging to its innie roots, it’s giving the outie thing a shot as well.  The top of the belly button pokes out a little while it still dips in just a bit underneath that.  Of course, at the same time, it’s considering giving up altogether and waiting until it is stretched out enough that it disappears completely.  I suspect this is what will eventually happen, even while it experiments with the outie thing in the meantime.

To update the issue with the progesterone shots, it’s completely not an issue any longer.  I dragged a not-as-sick PJ to the specialist pharmacy a half hour away to discover that not only could they fill it, but they also had it in stock.  I left twenty minutes later with all the medicine and syringes I needed, and all for under $50 after insurance.  Yes, it turns out insurance does help with the shots, despite all the warnings from my MIL otherwise.  (I didn’t tell that part of the story, did I?  I won’t go back and add it in now, but suffice it to say that her meddling only caused more frustration.)  After PJ’s “bye-bye” excursion, he was absolutely normal the rest of the day and remains so today.  If anything, he’s making up for yesterday’s fussiness by being extra cute and silly.  He’s now bringing me his sandals so that we can go bye-bye–not that I’m even dressed yet or have anywhere I need to go.