June 6, 2007

It’s all regular pregnancy pain, and I’m not going to go into some deep, dark secret from my childhood or anything.  So don’t worry.  I won’t make you think or cry or worry about me or anything.  This is probably the most mindless post about pain ever.

I am definitely bigger than I got last time already.  I’ve finally agreed with M on that fact.  I’m also starting to feel some aches and pains as a result of my awkward shape (I was going to say weight, but I still haven’t gained more than a few pounds).  The worst one is in my right hip.  I can feel it when I lie down the most.  It feels like it needs to pop badly, but nothing I can do makes any difference.  I suspect that’s also at least part of the reason I get a sharp pain right along the right side of my groin when I try to stand up after sitting for a few minutes.  In fact, sometimes even shifting positions while I’m sitting can make that flare up.  It’s all still tolerable but annoying and uncomfortable.  I’ll probably mention it to the doctor at my appointment tomorrow just to make sure it’s normal, but I’m pretty sure it is.

And the fun part of the pain–BabyN has decided to start kicking much more.  The sweet flutters from a few months ago are long gone and have been replaced with painful shoves against my side.  I think he’s working on a full gymnastics routine in there.  Sometimes I can even feel the perfect two-foot landings and watch as the feet nearly break through the skin on my side.  I love feeling him move, but seriously!  This is getting ridiculous.  Again, it’s just uncomfortable, but it makes me smile as much as cringe every time it happens.  I’m still trying to get PJ to touch my belly just as one of those strong kicks happens; I can’t wait to see his reaction to feeling Mommy’s belly jumping.

The last part of the pain is most certainly a result of hormones.  M got suddenly swamped at work today and called a little after noon to tell me he wasn’t coming home for lunch because of all the work.  He comes home just about every day, and on the rare days he has previous plans, he warns me plenty ahead of time so I can prepare mentally and emotionally.  I did not react well to the surprise today.  It doesn’t matter that he’s taking tomorrow afternoon off to go to my appointment with me, or that very few husbands get the chance to come home for lunch at all.  I’m just all to quick to overreact these days.  I also started thinking about how my parents left this morning for their summer vacation and will be out of easy contact for the next two weeks, and I got lonely.  Somehow the company of a nearly-two-year-old and a fetus didn’t quite cut it.  Fortunately I’m already getting over it.  I had my moment of immaturity, and now I’ve let my adult emotions take over again.  I’ll focus on getting laundry done and making a list of questions to ask my doctor tomorrow, and I’ll forget that I ever had the mini-breakdown